Tiffani Von Alvensleben Shares the Secrets of Staging Properties

As Tiffani Von Alvensleben knows first hand, there’s much more to selling a home than just curb appeal. Tiffani Von Alvensleben has been responsible for prepping and staging many of the residences purchased by American Redevelopment Fund, getting them ready for resale. After the post-remodeling construction crew has done its work, Tiffani Von Alvensleben steps in to manage the details of the final staging of the home for potential buyers.

Tiffani Von Alvensleben has a background in interior design, giving her a good sensibility for staging homes. Bathrooms and kitchens are the typical focus for Tiffani Von Alvensleben, and her savvy sense of decorating on a budget keeps outlays for staging to a minimum. With her experience, Tiffani Von Alvensleben offers some insights on the home staging do’s and don’ts.

First off, according to Tiffani Von Alvensleben, a home should be de-cluttered before potential buyers come in, making the most of the home’s interior and living space. Second, Tiffani Von Alvensleben has found that furniture should be grouped into casual, conversation-oriented arrangements, rather than pushed against walls to open up rooms.

Tiffani Von Alvensleben has found that lighter colors (and not necessarily white) on the walls will make a cramped room feel larger; also, moving furniture to a room that was previously a junk catcher can make it seem more like a cozy office or study. Proper lighting can also help a home seem warm and inviting; Tiffani Von Alvensleben recommends 100 watts for every 50 square feet, including task lights and accent lighting. Tiffani Von Alvensleben has also experimented with colors while staging homes; neutral, warm wall colors and jewel tones for rugs and furniture.

As part of the end-to-end responsibilities of selling a home, Tiffani Von Alvensleben has also handled the marketing and other details of each sale. It’s this kind of attention to detail by Tiffani Von Alvensleben that has been a crucial part of the success of Von Vesting and American Redevelopment Fund.

With two decades of experience in the business world, Tiffani Von Alvensleben has a background that includes property management, direct sales, real estate investment, marketing and more. Today, Tiffani Von Alvensleben wears several hats, as manager of TLK Home Designs, LLC (a general partner of American Redevelopment Fund, LP), and cofounder and CEO of Von Vesting. Tiffani Von Alvensleben and her husband Rich are also supporters of athletic programs at Del Oro High School, and are active in the Sacramento community.


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