CWD Construction Makes Home Building Fun

According to founder Chuck Dohm, CWD Construction knows the process of building a custom home can be exhausting. There are so many variables involved, says Dohm, that following the progress of construction can become a full-time job.

But for CWD Construction customers, custom home building is fun. From start to finish, CWD Construction customers are personally involved with each step. Because they are encouraged to work with gifted interior designer Sonia Dohm, the process allows future homeowners to bring their personal dream home fantasy to life. Sonia, co-owner of CWD Construction, gets raves for her attention to detail and impeccable taste. She works with homeowners to choose everything from the placement of a window to flooring colors and lighting selections.

With a true “decorator’s eye,” Sonia begins by taking customers through the selection of brick color. Even the color of the brick can make a big difference in the exterior appearance of the home, notes Sonia. Early on in the process, the team at CWD Construction outlines the budget for the project and as it unfolds, they guarantee to stay within those boundaries. This takes the financial stress out of the experience for homeowners, allowing them to focus on the enjoyable aspects of making their dream home a reality.

When CWD Construction quotes a home, custom cabinets, quality fixtures, and heavy interior moldings are included in the price up front. Other custom builders may add those on as the project progresses, resulting in negative ‘surprises’ for homebuyers, and making the project turn sour. The team at CWD Construction promises not to upgrade anything that wasn’t agreed upon up-front. Involving a customer in every step of the process, CWD Construction’s Chuck and Sonia Dohm ensure that no decision is made without a homebuyer’s explicit consent.

For this reason, CWD Construction often enjoys repeat business from its customers, many of whom refer CWD Construction to friends and family members. Long after a house has been built, CWD Construction may receive requests to add on a bonus room or finish out a basement. The Dohms also report that customers often come back to have CWD Construction build a second home.

Servicing the North and South Carolina area, CWD Construction is owned by experienced mechanical engineer Chuck Dohm and interior designer Sonia Dohm. They lead a team of expert professionals at CWD Construction; working with quality subcontractors to ensure every job upholds the company’s mission to create long-lasting homes with superior attention to detail.

For more information about CWD Construction, visit them online at www.cwdconstruction.com

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