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Home based businesses face a particular challenge when the homeowner renovates. With a team of builders pulling the house apart, the productivity and lifestyle of the home can be severely disrupted. Brian Weinstock and the team at Home Installation Professionals know that this stress counts extra for home-based businesses. Home Installation Professionals, offering years of experience, outline some ways to best manage living and working at home during a renovation.

Make a plan. Home Installation Professionals says to begin by moving all valuables, from furniture to artwork, into an enclosed space far away from the construction site. The other end of the house will do, says Home Installation Professionals, but if most of the house is being renovated, a storage unit may come in handy. This includes packing away the children’s toys. Leaving the toys out invariably leads to crying children running through the dirty dangerous renovation site looking for lost, probably broken, toys.

Next, instructs Home Installation Professionals, fasten a protective covering over floors, whatever the flooring material. Keep the floors covered, says Home Installation Professionals, and keep the covers taped down. Building dust and rubble can scratch wood, ruin carpet, and damage vinyl and tile flooring.

Home Installation Professionals recommends rescheduling the work flow of the home based business. Do not try to work while the builders are doing a major or particularly noisy job. Check in with the contractor. Find out the day before a loud project begins. Avoid working from home on tasks that requires concentration during major projects. Spend that day visiting clients, suggest Home Installation Professionals, rather than working from home.

Clean more often during the renovation. As laborious as this may sound, Home Installation Professionals

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