Rich Von Alvensleben Talks Hunting, Bows, and Tracking Elk

No stranger to wildlife and the outdoors, Rich Von Alvensleben has an associate’s degree in marine technology. After graduation, Rich Von Alvensleben joined the United States Antarctic Research Program, where he was a commercial diver in Antarctica for four months. Later, Rich Von Alvensleben began a career in the drilling business and founded Associated Drilling in San Francisco. His company helped restructure many damaged properties in the Bay Area after the 1989 earthquake. Rich Von Alvensleben currently lives in California with his wife and kids. In his spare time, he loves to go hunting.

Information Nation: How long have you been a hunter?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I’ve been a hunter for nearly four decades. I’ve experienced a lot in the wild, but I’m still learning and still having the time of my life.

Information Nation: Where have you hunted?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I’ve hunted all around North America, in every climate and region throughout the country— the Midwest and Canada for whitetail; Hawaii for Moreno Sheep and Wild Boar; California for more Boar, Black Tail and Bear; and throughout Idaho, Montana, New Mexico & Colorado for Mule Deer and Elk. This has exposed me to many hunting situations that some hunters never get to experience.

Information Nation: What is it that draws you to hunting?

Rich Von Alvensleben: For me, it’s everything from the preparation, to the travel, camping, hiking, sleeping outdoors, butchering and cooking—I love it all.  I gotta say though, the biggest high is the moment right before harvesting a kill. It’s an indescribable feeling that all hunters get, some call it buck fever but it’s with every hunt, regardless of the animal.  It’s tough to explain unless you’ve experienced it for yourself—one of the biggest adrenaline rushes out there—just like dropping into a 10-foot wave in Hawaii, or so I’m told J

Information Nation: What is your weapon of choice?

Rich Von Alvensleben: For years, I hunted with a rifle—usually my trustworthy 7mm mag. But I recently switched to a bow. Hunting with a bow is a completely different experience, but I find it more satisfying.  I don’t harvest nearly as often—in fact my last 3 elk hunts I’ve come back with no meat in the cooler—but as I’ve gotten older I’m in it for the camaraderie and being outdoors with like minded friends—it’s not only about the meat or the antlers anymore.

Information Nation: Why do you think bow hunting is better?

Rich Von Alvensleben: Bow hunting harkens back to a more natural time when man lived off the land, hunted his own food, and relied on his own instincts to survive. I feel that bow hunting brings some of those same primal emotions. I also liked the added challenge it provides.  The easiest way to explain it is this, where a hunt ends for me when I have my 7mm Mag is where it begins when I have my Mathews Bow.  I can hit a Bull Elk from 250 to 400 yards with my rifle.  I have to get within 20-40 yards with my bow.  That last 225 yards is very, very difficult and can take 1-4 hours, easily.  It’s just a lot tougher and therefore more satisfying.

Information Nation: What type of bow do you use?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I currently use a Mathews Switchback. It’s truly one of the fastest and smoothest hunting bows ever made. It would be tough for me to ever go back to using a rifle.

Information Nation: Do you have a favorite type of arrow for hunting?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I absolutely love the 100 grain Muzzy Broadheads.

Information Nation: What animal do you most enjoy hunting?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I primarily hunt elk nowadays. Elk are intelligent animals that require a different approach than hunting other animals like deer or sheep or Wild Boar.

Information Nation: What makes elk more challenging to hunt?

Rich Von Alvensleben: Elk must be tracked very carefully over long distances. They are difficult to find in the wild without preparation. You also must be familiar with the area, including the local plant and wildlife to get a sense of where they gather.  Plus, there are very few elk in comparison to deer.  If there are 1,000 deer in a 5 mile area, there would only be 50-60 Elk, max.

Information Nation: What else is there to know about elk?

Rich Von Alvensleben: It’s important to have the ability to quickly determine how big an elk is. The easiest way to do this is to see how many points it has. The more points, generally, the bigger the elk—and that means a more challenging kill.

Information Nation: Where do you do most of your hunting now?

Rich Von Alvensleben: I do a lot of hunting in New Mexico and Colorado. In fact, my favorite hunting spot is in Craig, Colorado—which has one of the largest elk populations in North America.


About Rich Von Alvensleben: From commercial diving to construction to investment and marketing, the resume of Rich Von Alvensleben is quite varied. He started as a commercial diver in the Antarctic, where he installed corrosion markers and helped set up a saltwater purification plant for the United States Antarctic Research Program. Rich Von Alvensleben also worked in construction drilling as founder and co-owner of Associated Drilling. During this same period, Rich Von Alvensleben helped launch World Concepts LLC, a marketing and sales start up which expanded to $100 million/year in sales by 2005.

In 2001 Rich Von Alvensleben started in the distressed property industry as Construction & Sales Manager of Eldorado Holding Company, Inc.—a firm that grew to turn approximately 400 properties per year with approximately $48million in capital.  In 2010 Rich Von Alvensleben co-founded Von Vesting, Inc., a real estate investment firm specializing in the distressed property, redevelopment industry and in 2011, he established the California General Contractor-licensed LKT, Inc. dba OneUP Construction as CEO and Founder. Overseeing a 25-person construction detail, Rich Von Alvensleben also helped establish and fund the $10 million flip fund, The American Redevelopment Fund, LP. Today, Rich Von Alvensleben is Operations Manager and Partner at Vesting and Chief Executive Officer of LKT, Inc., also known as OneUP Construction.

Away from work, Rich Von Alvensleben stays fit with outdoor activities like cycling and golf, and is quite active in his community. Rich Von Alvensleben is a resident of greater Sacramento.



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