Phil Melugin Says Pheasant Run Ranch Offers Hunting Opportunities

Phil Melugin fields numerous questions from hunters about Pheasant Run Ranch, the 5,000-acre hunting ranch he owns in north central Kansas. With hunters flocking to the property year-round for hunting opportunities, Phil Melugin says that different times of year see different types of hunters. Below, Phil Melugin answers questions about the different types of hunting offered at Pheasant Run Ranch.

Q: Pheasant Run Ranch offers deer hunting. What types of deer are on your property?

Phil Melugin: We have whitetail deer, a breed that is very popular with hunters. Whitetail deer season is generally in the fall and early winter, although during some of these seasons, only archers are allowed to hunt.

Q: What should a hunter know about whitetail deer?

Phil Melugin: They are incredibly fast. In fact, a whitetail deer can run at speeds exceeding 47 miles per hour.

Q: Hunters also come to Pheasant Run Ranch to hunt turkey. What type of turkey hunting is available on Pheasant Run Ranch?

Phil Melugin: We offer spring turkey packages for $250 a day per person. This includes overnight accommodations and a guide to help.

Q: What should a turkey hunter keep in mind?

Phil Melugin: Our turkey hunters are very committed to the sport, which can be quite challenging and rewarding. Turkeys have incredible hearing and eyesight, which means one glimpse or sound of a hunter and they’re gone.

Q: What about turkey calls?

Phil Melugin: The art of turkey calling is essential to hunting turkeys. We recommend doing research into successful turkey calling and mastering it before going out into the woods.

Q: What other forms of hunting does Pheasant Run Ranch offer?

Phil Melugin: Pheasant hunting is also very popular at Pheasant Run Ranch. With pheasant hunting, tactics should change depending on whether you’re early-season hunting or late-season hunting.

Q: What’s the difference?

Phil Melugin: Competition can be fierce, so hunting experts advise hunters to either join the crowds early on or come in after the rush is over. The latter can be more challenging, as you’ll have to look in areas that might have been overlooked by other hunters to find game.

Q: Is quail hunting offered at Pheasant Run Ranch?

Phil Melugin: Hunters drive miles for the chance at getting a shot at quail, but with Pheasant Run Ranch, they’ll know they’ll find them.

Q: Can guide dogs help?

Phil Melugin: Our guide dogs are especially helpful to quail hunters. They can take off and help you find your prey, saving you that valuable time you would have wasted searching the property.

Q: Is Pheasant Run Ranch open year-round?

Phil Melugin: We are open year-round, but some seasons are far busier than others. If you’re trying to book a hunt during a peak hunting season, I advise reserving your spot early.

Pheasant Run Ranch offers overnight accommodations. Phil Melugin tells hunters to call 785-476-5736 to reserve a spot and book a room, if applicable.

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