ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers Allergy Testing at Location Nationwide

Many people suffer from food or seasonal allergies, often without even realizing it. ANY LAB TEST NOW® offers stress-free allergy testing panels that are affordable and convenient.

Allergy season is in full swing and every year, it takes its toll. Nearly half of Americans suffer from some form of allergy. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers consumers to opportunity to take control of their health without waiting for an appointment. Patients can get testing performed by an ANY LAB TEST NOW medical assistant without a referral.

Allergy testing used to be painful and take forever. That is no longer the case at ANY LAB TEST NOW for clients who select their simple blood test. Instead of the traditional skin-scratch test, followed by enough pokes to make anyone feel like a pincushion, ANY LAB TEST NOW can test for over 100 environmental and food allergies with just one blood draw. Results are usually returned in less than three days.

The ANY LAB TEST NOW Basic Combo Panel searches for a reaction to 45 regional inhalants, including Orchard, Redtop, Brome and Alternari. This popular ANY LAB TEST NOW screening also covers 46 common food allergies like grapes, hops, and yogurt.

More in-depth allergy coverage is found in the ANY LAB TEST NOW Combination Panel. This test covers the same 45 regional inhalants as the Basic Combo Panel, but expands the food-testing portion to include less common allergies, like coffee and mustard. ANY LAB TEST NOW also tests for food additive allergies in this comprehensive blood panel screening. This ANY LAB TEST NOW test covers 135 total possible allergens.

The ANY LAB TEST NOW Expanded Food Panel covers 90 foods and additives. This test is ideal for persons with a family history of food allergies. Many common allergies often found with this important ANY LAB TEST NOW screening are strawberries, egg, and peanut butter.

Parents seeking to take control of their family’s health early on can benefit from the ANY LAB TEST NOW Pediatric Panel screening. This test is designed to pick up on 32 common childhood allergens. Expanding beyond just food and local irritants, the ANY LAB TEST NOW Pediatric Panel can inform of dog, cat, and dust mite allergies.

ANY LAB TEST NOW does not diagnose or treat any allergy found on these panels. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers these and other valuable tests to help those looking to take control of their health, even if they do not have access to insurance or cannot follow strict doctor’s hours for appointments.

Allergy season does not have to mean sniffling and sneezing all summer long when armed with ANY LAB TEST NOW and their full line of allergy testing panels.

With one hundred and thirty-three walk in draw centers located in communities across America, ANY LAB TEST NOW offers medical, DNA, drug and other standard laboratory tests. Named the second fastest growing franchise in America by the Franchise Times in April 2010, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise provides thousands of lab tests, allowing individuals to take control of their health. For more information about ANY LAB TEST NOW and the tests available at your neighborhood location, visit them online at http://anylabtestnow.com.

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