Philip Melugin Talks About Pheasant Fest

Philip Melugin owns Pheasant Run Ranch in north central Kansas. The 5,000-acre hunting facility regularly welcomes avid hunters. This year, Philip Melugin ’s Pheasant Run Ranch participated in Pheasant Fest, a three-day event that was held in Kansas City. Philip Melugin recently spoke to Aicube.com about Pheasant Fest and how Pheasant Run Ranch benefits from participating.

Aicube: What is Pheasant Fest?

Philip Melugin: The official name is the National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic, and it is held each February. This year it was hosted close to home in Kansas City, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to meet other quail enthusiasts. The event had workshops to help landowners improve our land for wildlife.

Aicube: Pheasant Run had a booth at the event, correct?

Philip Melugin: Yes, we had a booth. We provided information on our facility and handed out print materials to give attendees something to take away on us. While we were there, the governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, dropped by to say hello.

Aicube: The event seemed to focus heavily on conservation and preservation.

Philip Melugin: That’s correct. Pheasant Fest is hosted by Pheasants Forever and Quails Forever. Both organizations seek to spread information about conservation, as well as sign up members. At this year’s event, Pheasants Forever and Quails Forever signed up nearly 1,000 members between the two of them during this year’s event.

Aicube: That’s a pretty impressive number. And they do it all over again next year?

Philip Melugin: Next year’s event will be in Minneapolis. But this year’s event was especially notable because Kansas is considered one of the best states in America for quail hunting.

Aicube: Pheasant Fest wasn’t all serious, though. It looks like attendees had some fun, too.

Philip Melugin: There were events with wild game cooking and shooting sports, among other things. But one of the best things about participating in Pheasant Fest is being there with other people who share your interests.

Aicube: How many people attended this year’s Quail Fest?

Philip Melugin: According to Pheasants Forever, this year’s event drew 22,136 attendees. Quite a few of them stopped by our booth at one time or another during the weekend, so I’d say it was a huge success.

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