Dr. Naveed Fazlani Offers Tips for Living a Long, Healthy Life After 50

As most adults over age 50 have learned, health becomes more important as we get older. At his medical practice in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, Dr. Naveed Fazlani regularly sees patients suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But Dr. Fazlani points out that injuries, automobile accidents, and lifestyle-related problems can be just as dangerous to adults over 50 as health-related issues.

Fall-prevention education is imperative for nursing homes, medical professionals, and senior citizens, Dr. Fazlani says, since falls are the leading cause of deadly injury among seniors.  He points out that an estimated 18,000 seniors over the age of 65 die each year due to injuries sustained from falls. Many of these severe injuries are due to loss of strength and balance, in addition to unsafe living areas. According to Dr. Fazlani, the first step in injury prevention is to educate seniors and caregivers on the importance of keeping living areas clear and safe, with a reduction in homebound hazards. Adults aged 50 and older can begin prevention measures early by taking calcium supplements and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, Dr. Naveed Fazlani points out.

Another hazard for adults 50 and older are automobile accidents, Dr. Naveed Fazlani adds. Always statistically high in causes of deaths, car accidents can be prevented by having vision checked regularly. Also, patients should be aware and alert behind the wheel at all times, and Dr. Fazlani urges them to avoid driving under the influence of medication.

Obesity is a major issue among our population today, he explains, and a sticky one for physicians. With 74.6% of Americans either overweight or obese, according to Forbes magazine, Dr. Naveed Fazlani sees this as a prevalent health problem. Since excess weight can exacerbate everything from diabetes to high cholesterol, Dr. Fazlani stresses the importance of starting patients on a diet and exercise as soon as possible. There are risks for exercise, especially for seniors, Dr. Fazlani acknowledges. He works to ensure his older patients begin an exercise program that is safe and appropriate for their age and level of health. Classes like water aerobics are popular with seniors, he points out, because they are gentle on joints. Even an after-dinner walk can make a difference in the health of a patient, Dr. Naveed Fazlani believes. Dr. Fazlani tailors his advice to each individual patient’s particular health situation, encouraging patients to make adjustments gradually to ensure the patient is comfortable with the program.

Dr. Naveed Fazlani is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based doctor with a practice located in Mt. Healthy. 2004’s Physician of the Year, Dr. Naveed Fazlani is board certified in internal medicine. For more information, visit www.naveedfazlani.com

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