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The following segment aired on “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Rob Tremel to discuss Magick Woods

Host 1: You know what looks great?

Host 2: Oh, me?  Thanks!

Host 1: Yeah, speaking of vanity, how about a vanity in the master bathroom?

Yes, Lee had a chance to check out some really interesting designs to add character and style to a bathroom.  Check out what one home owner did with an ordinary bathroom to make a personal statement.

Tillis: A favorite remodeling project for homeowners is the bathroom.  And the focal point of the bathroom is generally the vanity.  Now, choosing a vanity can involve several things.  Should I hire an interior decorator?  Or a designer?  And is it going to cost a bundle?  Well, not according to my next guest, Rob Tremel from Magick Woods.  Magick Woods has a huge selection of vanities to choose from.  Hey, Rob!  Welcome!

Tremel: Thanks for having me on the show!

Tillis: My pleasure!  So, when we’re deciding that it’s time to get a new vanity, where should we start?

Tremel: Well, the first thing we need to take into consideration is our available space.  The vanity sets the entire tone and feel of the whole room, so it’s definitely a key choice.  From there we’re going to think about any special requirements that you have, such as wheelchair accessibility or height.  And then you need to consider any special plumbing requirements, as well as what do you want on the wall.  Do you want just a mirror, or do you want something with a little more storage?

Tillis: And I guess the lighting also would be critical.

Tremel: For sure.  You want to know lighting, as far as what you’re going to put on the walls as far as do you want any extra storage on the walls, do you just want a mirror, are you looking for primary lighting or is there primary lighting already?

Tillis: There’s a lot of things to consider!  Now, what are some of the trends we are seeing in the vanities?

Tremel: We’re seeing a lot of contemporary designs with smooth, sleek lines.  A variety of different counter surfaces are being used—granite, glass, solid surface.  And then people are either putting an under-mount sink, an integral sink, or a vessel sink.

Tillis: Now I hear that a lot—vessel sinks.  What is a vessel sink?

Tremel: A vessel sink is a bowl that sits on top of the vanity.  They come in granite, glass, porcelain, a variety of different shapes, styles, colors…

Tillis:And one way to go about getting a new vanity is to actually have it made from scratch.  But that’s got to be the most expensive way!

Tremel: But it’s definitely not necessary.  You can go to any of your local home centers.  We offer our products through Lowes, Expo, as well as a variety of independent retailers.  Purchase a product right off the shelf, bring it home and install it, and you have that complete custom look.

Tillis:And what types of categories of styles does Magick Woods offer?

Tremel: Well, we have our contemporary collections, we have our traditional and then we have our signature series as well.

Tillis (Designing Spaces): And what can we do to make them more of our own?  Is there a way to customize them?

Tremel: Absolutely.  Magick Woods offers a design for everyone with distinct details and a variety of finishes.  You can personalize your vanity by choosing different sizes, door styles, colors and stains, and hardware to accent and complete an image of elegance and quality.  You can also choose from auxiliary cabinets, medicine cabinets, linen towers, mirrors, and light valences.  Magick Woods also provides solutions for unique applications—wheelchair accessibility, corners, and space saving designs.

Designing Spaces: Wow!  That’s great!  So all I have to do is go to the store, pick out the vanity of my choice, it’s already assembled, and I can pick any details like finishing or colors to make it my own?

Tremel: Exactly. And then it comes fully assembled the way you want it, ready to install when delivered.

Designing Spaces: That’s great! Now, I saw the homeowner’s choice for this vanity and it’s beautiful!  Is it going to be long lasting?

Tremel: It sure will, because at Magick Woods we take great care in building our product.  The climate control spray booth ensures that no dust or excess moisture taints the satiny smooth finish.  During manufacturing, the cabinets’ drying process allows an even application, avoiding dripping or rough finishes associated with air-dry lacquers.  The 8-stage Magick Guard finish is applied in a layered format, producing a hard-wearing and easy to clean surface.  Magick Woods bath furniture is tested under stringent lab standards.  We build our furniture to last and support our confidence with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Designing Spaces: And are your prices comparable with a custom built vanity?

Tremel: Our prices are very competitive.  In fact, you’ll probably spend much less on a Magick Woods vanity.

Designing Spaces: That’s great!  Well, I’m really excited to see the finished product, so I’m going to go talk to the homeowner and I’m going to let you and your crew get to work on the bathroom!

Tremel: Sounds great, Andi!

Designing Spaces: So the guys have gotten started on the bathroom, you must be so excited!

Robin: I truly am! I can’t wait to see it!

Designing Spaces: So, what didn’t you like about your old bathroom?

Robin: Actually, it was the vanity.  The vanity was old fashioned.  It’s the one that came with the house when I bought it, and it was time for an update!

Designing Spaces: So how did you go about selecting your new vanity?

Robin: There were a lot of choices to choose from.  And this one actually fit in the space perfectly!

Designing Spaces: Really?  Now did you get any accessories with it?

Robin: I chose sconces, and a mirror, and a great faucet!  I can’t wait to see it in!

Designing Spaces: You want to see how far they’ve gotten?

Robin: Can we?

Designing Spaces: Let’s go! Ok, Robin, what do you think?

Robin: Oh, my gosh!  This is gorgeous!  Look at this!  This is better than I expected!

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