Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Bill Bronchick to discuss The SOLD System

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Bill Bronchick

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Attention Home Sellers! Do NOT attempt to sell your home until you hear this important message from Incredible Discoveries. Do you have a house you can’t sell? Are you worried a bad market means you’re stuck in a house you don’t want? Then stay right where you are and do NOT put your house on the market until you’ve read this from Incredible Discoveries. You’re about to find out how you can sell your house in just 30 days AND make more money! Thirty days – more money! Stop the financial bleeding. Get buyers in the door and making offers you can’t refuse. As seen on Incredible Discoveries, learn how to unlock the secrets real estate agents won’t show you so you can prepare and price your property to sell it fast, not cheap! Learn how a quick trip to your local discount store can put an extra ten thousand dollars in your pocket at closing!

Learn how to sell your house in 30 days and make more money with American real estate sensation Bill Bronchick’s brand new learn-at-home program: The SOLD System. He has been featured in a variety of news outlets including Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CMBC, Money Magazine and USA Today. What does 30 days mean to you?  More time in a house you can’t sell? How about another mortgage payment? If you’re feeling stuck in today’s real estate market, then today is the day you get unstuck. Here he is with Incredible Discoveries to answer your burning questions about Real Estate and, in a nationwide television first, give you a sneak preview of The SOLD System: How to Sell Your House Quickly In Any Market: a brand new release soon to be one of America’s number one real estate home training program.

Incredible Discoveries: People all over the country line up to hear you speak about real estate. You’re the real estate attorney that millionaires depend on for their high-value property transactions. Obviously, you know what you’re talking about. But when you tell Incredible Discoveries viewers they can sell their house in just 30 days, you must get an earful.

Bronchick: I do! And I love winning people over with my SOLD System.

Incredible Discoveries: Your brand new SOLD System gives you everything you need to help sell your house that fast, no matter what’s going on in the market?

Bronchick: You know, it kills me every time I read the newspaper and see that the average time on the market for houses is increasing, and so is the number of houses on the market. It doesn’t have to be this way! Instead of listening to all the doom-sayers out there, I’ve put together a program that tells you how you can sell your property before you get hit with another mortgage payment, before another month of financial bleeding without giving up potential profits.

Incredible Discoveries: The fact is – you show us step-by-step in The SOLD System how to do it quickly and still make plenty of money on the sale.

Bronchick: Absolutely. When Incredible Discoveries viewers use my SOLD System to sell their house quickly, that does not necessarily mean selling it cheap.  You don’t want to lose money selling your house do you? Of course not. The SOLD System will help you sell your house faster, and for more money. The SOLD System came from years of personal experience and interviews with hundreds of successful investors and real estate brokers who, despite the odds, were able to sell and rent houses in a slow market within 30 days or less without necessarily dropping the price and without spending tens of thousands of dollars on refurbishing, either.

Incredible Discoveries: Wow, and using The SOLD System will get you more traffic through your house, more top dollar offers and more cash in your bank account? What about when people say, “It’s a bad market. There’s nothing I can do!”?

Bronchick: Even in a weak market, there are people who are moving and people who are buying homes. My SOLD System will show you how to find these people and sell your home fast.

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I have been in real estate business for just a year and still having a hard time dealing with buyers and as well as the sellers. until, I looked past the show of Incredible Discoveries with Real estate attorney Bill Bronchick and took a minute to watch. That was the day I am very thankful with most especially to Incredible Discoveries. From the day I have read the Sold System as I have seen in Incredible Discoveries everything has change. And slowly I now understand real estate business way better than before.

@Krystal – Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. We are proud that Incredible Discoveries is a part of your successful business.”Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick”. – Incredible Discoveries

At first I thought that real estate business is as easy as a simple buy and sell business. I spent almost 5 years in this business only to find out that I am not doing it the right way. My fellow real estate broker introduced to be The Sold System by Bill Bronchick as he have seen it in Incredible Discoveries. Bill Bronchick introduced his Sold System at Incredible Discoveries as if anyone could be a real estate agent in very simple ways. That makes me wonder how for I could not even do it myself perfectly. Well, i now say that Incredible Discoveries knows how to choose what product or material to introduced for the people. The sold System is indeed made me understand my job better and clearer.

@Dominique – Thanks for the feedback, we are happy here in Incredible Discoveries that we help you in a simple way especially in a real state business. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick”. – Incredible Discoveries

My mother left me our house to be put out on sale. Thinking that I could sell it myself without a help of a real estate agent I started to find a buyer as fast as I could, and failed. Bill Bronchick said in a show by Incredible Discoveries that there are rules to follow in order to sell your house faster and not cheaper. He introduced The Sold System during his appearance in Incredible Discoveries and I found it as a help for me and without any hesitation bought a set to read. thank you very much Incredible Discoveries for such sensible and useful ideas you have given trough your shows, I did not only got our house sold but now I am a successful real estate broker.

@Phillip – We are proud that the SOLD system is a big part of your success.”Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick”. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Philip. – Incredible Discoveries

I have been watching the shows of Incredible Discoveries for years and found out that their show with Bill Bronchick lately was a very useful one. It helps me a lot in taking my business into the next level. Incredible Discoveries is not only there to sell their products but as well us to help the people find the right product and ideas to follow. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

@Chester – Incredible Discoveries is very thankful for continue supporting to our shows, we are doing this not just for business but also we want to gain our viewers a lot of information.”Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick”. Thank you so much! – Incredible Discoveries

I have heard about The Sold System by Bill Bronchick at Incredible Discoveries and i was very much thankful about it. We are already putting up our house for sale for just a cheaper prize for we really needed the money fast for my fathers surgery. We’re really glad we got some ideas on how to sell our house faster but not cheaper from Incredible Discoveries shows. We earned more than we thought we could and support the needs of our fathers surgery and medication. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

@Lyndsey – We are proud that the sold system is a big for those real state broker, and we also proud that we helping a lot people for selling their house/properties in aright way.”Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with The SOLD System’s Bill Bronchick”. Thank you so much! – Incredible Discoveries

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