JS Properties, LLC Discusses Professional Commercial Property Management

JS Properties, LLC receives many questions from property owners interested in leasing their commercial properties.  Commercial rentals are a sound business endeavor, advises JS Properties, LLC. The ultimate goal of forging a fair, respectful and profitable relationship with the tenant or tenants is the same from residential to commercial leasing, but the work involved varies greatly from one type of management to the other.

JS Properties, LLC, maintains that the primary difference between leasing to commercial clients as opposed to residential tenants is the lease terms and conditions. Commercial lease terms are generally longer and have more legal connotations than residential. The importance of carefully screening prospective tenants, points out JS Properties LLC, is vital to the process. A responsible, reliable tenant can make all the difference when leasing a property. Joyce Smotherman, owner and manager of JS Properties, LLC, also notes that professional property management for commercial leases has many benefits in addition to tenant screening.

Marketing and showing the properties, negotiating lease terms, changing the locks from previous lessees, ensuring prompt payment of rents due and handling any maintenance issues, says JS Properties, LLC, are just some of the responsibilities that a professional management firm will handle.

JS Properties, LLC says there are also the legal aspects involved with zoning and codes restrictions, in putting up signs and other considerations when leasing commercial real estate. All signs must meet the requirements for dimensions, height and other criteria before they can be erected. According to JS Properties, LLC there are also different zoning rules and codes requirements for different types of businesses and those rules must be researched and adhered to before a lease agreement can be implemented.

Joyce Smotherman of JS Properties, LLC, with over twenty-five years experience in the real estate business and complete dedication to her customers and clients, insures that every aspect of the commercial leasing process is handled professionally, in a timely manner and in the best interests of all parties involved.

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