Q&A with Casa Sandoval – Memory, Aging and Exercise

Everyone has forgotten what they came in a room for or where they put their car keys. For seniors, however, memory loss can be a special concern. The professionals at Casa Sandoval have done the research and found factors that can help a diminishing memory. Today, the staff at Interviewing Experts had the opportunity to ask Casa Sandoval a few questions about memory, aging, and exercise.

Q: What do you find can cause memory loss in seniors?

Casa Sandoval: We know that there are some chemical and physical changes that happen as the brain ages. At Casa Sandoval, though, we find that keeping the brain engaged and exercised can make a big difference.

Q: How so? “Exercised,” meaning what exactly?

Casa Sandoval: Things like crossword puzzles, books, music, engaging with friends and family, and critical thinking are all things that help keep the brain engaged.

Q: What about television?

Casa Sandoval: Actually, the staff at Casa Sandoval might advise against too many hours of TV. It’s passive and doesn’t demand that much engagement from the viewer.

Q: What about senior adults who are living independently at home?

Casa Sandoval: We recommend that older adults go through and reorganize their homes from time to time. Cutting clutter in living space can mean a lack of clutter in mental space as well.

Q: Does exercise have benefits for memory?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. Exercise increases blood flow, meaning better oxygen supply to the entire body, including the brain. Casa Sandoval offers a yoga program for our residents, incorporating stretches and deep breathing that can help clear the mind and improve focus.

Q: Are there dietary connections?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. At Casa Sandoval, we’ve read up on the latest studies that find connections between Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and brain health.

Q: Which foods are those found in?

Casa Sandoval: Omega-3’s and antioxidants are found in nuts, berries, leafy greens, and coldwater fish like salmon.

Q: I’ve also heard things about folate…

Casa Sandoval: Yes, folate is a great vitamin for mental growth. It’s found in foods like spinach, onions, and legumes.

Q: What else can senior adults do to keep their brains active?

Casa Sandoval: Self-testing can be quite helpful. Taking part in quizzes and games that actively test the brain are both great ideas for seniors.

Q: Do you offer activities that can help with memory?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, at Casa Sandoval we have game nights when residents can play cards, Scrabble, or other board games, all of which can help keep the brain active. Even the Wii video games can contribute to the maintenance of mental acuity.

Q: Any other advice?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, in addition to keeping the brain active, don’t forget to give the brain some rest, too. Quality sleep and rest time are crucial for keeping the brain functioning properly.

Casa Sandoval is a full service retirement community in Hayward, California. At Casa Sandoval, the emphasis is on active lifestyle and independent lifestyles. The staff at Casa Sandoval is well-respected for their attention and outstanding level of care for all residents. Feel free to call Casa Sandoval at 510-727-1700 or have a look online at casasandoval.com. In addition, prospective residents are welcome to tour Casa Sandoval and stay for lunch.

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