Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Organization

College students, more specifically premedical college students, often join a prestigious honor society called Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Organization. This organization is built to help premedical students find their footing to prepare them in the upcoming challenges that they will potentially face once in the medical field.

The organization consists of premedical students while its programs are designed to cater to the needs of these students to help them prepare for their respective fields of expertise. Comprised of many chapters across the state, this organization aims to bring honor and recognition to members of the organization who aim to contribute to society by volunteering services to the community and extending medical help to those in need.

A graduate of Brookwood High School in Georgia, twenty-one year old Kyle Thomas Glasser, is currently taking up a premedical course at a prestigious university. He is a perfect candidate to join societies such as these. Glasser is determined to pursue a career in the medical profession to help those in need and be able to serve society and become an integral part of his community. His efforts include participating in outreach programs around the world.

A hardworking student who has participated in many school activities, become of part of organizations, and has even been acknowledged as one of the many promising students whose talents and skills are a big asset to any academic setting or community-driven organization, Kyle Thomas Glasser, is a classic example of learning how to push through even when situations grow though.

It was only recently that this student was alleged of crimes being found out some documents and files in his laptop when he sent his unit to be serviced. Private documents as they are the back up and restoration process during servicing must have placed his files in public view and placed him in quite a comprising situation. There is no further news available on how this issue was resolved. While his charges, being published has most definitely jeopardized his chances to a bright future.

Despite this mishap, he still pushes through on correcting past mistakes and aiming and hoping for the best. There is always space to correct past mistakes. There is always space to improve and become a better person. Even the best may sometimes commit mistakes, and often not done intentionally. Having a good positive outlook in life and aiming to good for oneself and doing good the others is often the best road to recovery and success.

Kyle Thomas Glasser

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