Psi Chi International Honor Societies

Psi Chi International Honor Societies specializes in Psychology and it is 75 years old. Kyle Thomas Glasser knew the benefits of being a member of Psi Chi and that is why he decided to join. The objectives as to why this society was formed are to stimulate, maintain and encourage scholarships as well as advancing psychology science. The scholarships are both at graduate and undergraduate levels. With so many years of experience, Psi Chi in University of Georgia proves how productive it has been to the students and students to be. Once you become a member, you will be attending meetings, activities as well as special events.

Well, you cannot attend the meetings if you are not a registered member. The process of becoming a member of Psi Chi is not complicated. In fact, membership is open to students taking psychology courses and those who are faculty or students members in any institution as long as there is a chapter location. You might be wondering what a chapter is and how to start one. As a requirement of starting a chapter, every university must be accredited fully as either a senior college level or 4-year institution by local accrediting agency or national one and the university must be offering psychology degrees.

Having said that, why you should join Psi Chi International Honor Societies? The benefits and advantages of joining Psi Chi are many. The number one aim of becoming a member of these societies is that you will learn how to recognize what you do and how significant you help the society and thus you will have motivation to do what you do best in your psychology field. Have a look at the benefits:

– If you want to build your resume, then becoming a Psi Chi member is the best option. This is because of the creative as well as the managerial experience that you will attain. This is beneficial especially during the time of job application where you will be at a better advantage as compared to people who were not members of Psi Chi
– Do you want to grow professionally? Psi Chi societies gives members chances of research promotion, international & national recognition, interacting & meeting with other leaders in the same field as yours and you will meet with members of other chapters

Due to the skills and experience you will get as a member of Psi Chi, you will feel encouraged to pursue with your psychology career. In addition, you will know how to work hard, persevere, care and be dedicated in your career as a psychologist just like what Kyle Thomas Glasser did.

Kyle Thomas Glasser

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