Travelling to Mayan Ruins

Kyle Thomas Glasser has found goodness in servicing the community and participating in communal activities. In 2010, Kyle travelled to Central America where he learnt many things and now plans to see the Mayan Ruins. There are various reasons that motivate him to want to visit this place in his quest to serve the society at large. Kyle feels that the Mayan cultural is a place with a lot to teach and a way to understand the human needs. He knows that Mayans are the ones who invented the idea of zero and this is the basis of today’s math. Being a math volunteer tutor, Kyle knows that math cannot do without zero and it has contributed a lot in astronomy. This is a great impact on the education factor and Mayan culture is part of this improvement.

Kyle also knows that Mayan Ruins hold a lot of history especially the language. These people had come up with their own language which they wrote and used within their society. You will notice that Kyle understands that Mayan language is composed with more than 1,000 characters. This is very amazing given that no written language has been developed in those days. The language must have been complex but these people had advanced in their society and could master it. Kyle also notes that the Mayan architecture is very amazing especially their temples. These were temples that resemble pyramids all over Mexico, Belize and in many Central American societies. It is safe to say that as simple as the designs were, they were the best and very strong structures. This is one or two things that modern architecture would find interesting.

The Mayan Culture has amazing stories about their people and how interesting they are. There are many popular stories including the Deer and the Jaguar which Kyle feels has a great impact on their culture. These stories tell about human life and how much people had great insight on the issues affecting others. This is a great perception that Kyle feels that it is very important as we study history.

The main value of visiting Mayan Ruins for Kyle Thomas Glasser is the desire to understand their traditional medicine. This is because as a medical student, Kyle would like to know the health techniques and medicine that these people valued. Kyle knows that this culture holds a lot of history that has contributed to modern medicine.

Kyle Thomas Glasser

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