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College senior Kyle Thomas Glasser says that Australia is not only a land full of natural beauty, but also historical and educational tidbits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ever the student, Kyle Thomas Glasser doesn’t dream of just a vacation to this land, but also knows that in Australia he can obtain a wealth of knowledge beneficial to any student.

Listed in no particular order are Kyle Thomas Glasser’s top 5 historical facts about The Land Down Under.

5. Australia is home of the Aborigines.

According to Kyle Thomas Glasser, the Aboriginal tribes of Australian can track a human in any condition. The “Black Trackers,” as they are known, are credited with finding a family of children lost for nine days back in 1864. The efforts to find them by their community had been halted when they were hammered with heavy rain; yet in less than one day the children were found and rescued by the Aborigines. Kyle Thomas Glasser points out that this is a skill worth studying.

4.  The continent of Australia is an archeologist’s dream.

Australia’s land mass is still largely undeveloped and untouched by man. Kyle Thomas Glasser sees a great opportunity to learn more of Earth’s history in the fossils found in this area.  A region of Australia, known as Darling Downs, was once home to a prehistoric lion – with a pouch much like a kangaroo. This interesting piece of evolution is of great interest to students like Kyle Thomas Glasser.

3.  Women have a rich historical importance in Australia.

Kyle Thomas Glasser notes that women play an important role wherever they are; however, Australia’s female population has a lineage of foremothers in which they can emulate with pride. Caroline Chisholm, is a fine example. In her, Kyle Thomas Glasser sees a social reformer and women’s rights activist that took it upon herself to educate immigrant women, helping them to avoid a life of prostitution and servitude.

2. The indigenous folk-tales of the country convey more than history.

Folk-tales, Kyle Thomas Glasser knows, loosely tell of an area’s history. Kyle Thomas Glasser reads the folk-tales of Australia and feels the emotions they convey. Kyle Thomas Glasser’s favorite Australian tales center around the “Bush,” the vast area that settlers feared for its reputation as a good way to get lost…forever.

1. Australia’s cinematic history rivals the States.

While Kyle Thomas Glasser is definitely a Nicole Kidman fan, he also says that Australia has produced some other very gifted actors and actresses. Kidman is but one famous Aussie, joined by Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and the late Heath Ledger. A fan of silent films, Kyle Thomas Glasser also knows the historical relevance of Australian movies like The Story of the Kelly Gang.

Australia, like the United States, was settled by the English. By looking at its history, Kyle Thomas Glasser points out that we can learn a bit about our own county’s heritage, too.

About Kyle Thomas Glasser

Twenty one year old Kyle Thomas Glasser’s mission in life is simple: to serve others.  A student of medicine, a devout Catholic, and an active member of the leadership organization Sigma Alpha Lambda, Kyle Thomas Glasser spends much of his time devoted to making a positive impact on his world.  When he isn’t busy with studies as a senior at UGA, Kyle Thomas Glasser can be found mentoring incoming students and shadowing Dr. Jeff Traub in Atlanta.

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