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Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. Because they are also a full-service travel agency, they are knowledgeable about areas in France, Europe and the world. Today, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays shares some of the best places to shop, dine and explore in France with the staff at Aicube.

Aicube: Good afternoon, thank you for joining us.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We appreciate the invitation. We’ve been looking forward to it.

Aicube: Because you have so much experience booking travel to France, can you tell us what the “must see” cities and places are?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We can never recommend Paris enough!

Aicube: Well do you have any specific suggestions for off-the-beaten-path locations in Paris?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Definitely. Paris isn’t just a romantic city. It’s a city full of whimsy, too. So, we would recommend that visitors check out the Museum of Carnival Arts and the Museum of Magic. Both are unique and fun. The Museum of Carnival Arts is also incredibly beautiful. It contains old merry-go-rounds and stunning art.

Aicube: What are some of the more traditional places that you would suggest travelers seek out?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It would be a shame if visitors didn’t visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or Notre Dame. But people should also visit the Rodin Museum, and they should try to find as many local restaurants to dine at as possible, because Paris has some of the most incredible food in the world.

Aicube: Beyond Paris, what towns would you suggest to travelers?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Nice is one of the most gorgeous towns in France. It’s on the Riviera and it has amazing boutiques, restaurants and, of course, the stunning blue water of the Cote d’Azur.

Aicube: What place in France would you recommend for someone who was interested in hiking?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The island of Corsica has some of the best hiking that a person could hope to find. It’s truly paradise.

Aicube: What other interesting city would you suggest?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Strasbourg is a favorite of ours. It’s the capital of the European Union and is also a World Heritage Site, with a German influence as well as French. Also, the twelfth-century cathedral is a must see.

Aicube: We’ve heard a rumor that France has become a popular surfing destination. Is that true?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It is! The town of Biarritz used to be a place where nobility vacationed, but recently it has become extremely popular for surfing. Biarritz also has a fantastic art-deco casino.

Aicube: A person can’t think of France without thinking of wine. Are their any towns that you would point oenophiles toward?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: First would have to be Bordeaux. Then Alsace, for its twelve different varieties of grapes, including the Riesling. Loire is also renowned for its reds, including the Savignon Blanc.

Aicube: Paris has some of the best food in the world, but is there another town in France you would recommend for its cuisine?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Fourcès has lovely rustic food, as well as a nice local market. Along the village square there are a few relaxed restaurants that any fan of excellent cuisine will enjoy.

Aicube: Is there anything else you would like to touch on before we wrap up?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: The sights, history, food and wine in France is unsurpassed, and any visitor will treasure the memory of a trip there.

Aicube: Thank you so much for talking to us this afternoon.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It was our pleasure. Thanks for having us.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

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