Dr. Pierre Bennett: The Difference Between Winners and Losers

Dr. Pierre Bennett has experienced many ups and downs in his life, but everything changed in 1999 when he was called to worldwide ministry of care. That was when Dr. Pierre Bennett’s journey to apostleship began. Today as the founder of God’s Luv International Ministries Church, Dr. Pierre Bennett works to lead his congregation while ministering to those in need.

Dr. Pierre Bennett explains to his congregation that while God wants to bless us, He also wants those blessings to lead us to do His will. It’s important, Dr. Pierre Bennett explains, that we let go of the selfish reasons we want these blessings and let our motivations be for His glory.

Quoting from the Old Testament, Dr. Pierre Bennett tells the story of Elisha, who died before he could pass the mantle on. Because his protégé wasn’t ready to receive his blessing, the mantle ended with Elisha. As Dr. Pierre Bennett points out, God wasn’t going to pass the mantle on to someone who wasn’t yet ready to receive it.

As Elisha was dying, he tried to impart a blessing to the king of Israel, Dr. Pierre Bennett recalls. Sometimes when someone dies, he or she wants to pass a blessing on, and in Elisha’s case the blessing was to tell the king how he could be assured to win all his battles. But the king was only going through the motions with Elisha.

According to Dr. Pierre Bennett, sometimes God blesses us with a message, sent through one of His prophets, but we don’t hear it. Maybe our heart isn’t in it but still, we go through the motions. God knows when we don’t want to go through with something. He knows when our heart isn’t in it.

Dr. Pierre Bennett asks the question, what separates a winner from a loser? Dr. Pierre Bennett’s answer to that is perseverance. God wants to bless those who keep trying, Dr. Pierre Bennett believes. He wants to bless those who put their heart into things.

A winner is still a winner whether he’s winning or losing, Dr. Pierre Bennett further explains. When a winner loses, that winner feels bad about it. The winner goes home and thinks through the process to learn from it so that he’ll be better the next time, Dr. Pierre Bennett describes. And a winner perseveres.

God wants the winners, Dr. Pierre Bennett says, those who never give up.

Dr. Pierre Bennett

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