Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 2

Prior to devoting his life to the ministry, Pastor Pierre Bennett worked in military service, sales, and as owner of a resort travel club business. But of all of the work he has done over the years, Pastor Pierre Bennett prizes his work as a minister of the Gospel the most. As founder of God’s Luv International Ministries Church, Pastor Pierre Bennett inspires his Virginia congregation twice weekly.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, faith is like a plumb line. Used by carpenters to ensure that a wall maintains a straight line, a plumb line is a string with a weight on it, Pastor Pierre Bennett explains.

In the book of Amos in the Old Testament, says Pastor Pierre Bennett, God and Amos are standing on a wall, discussing the plumb line they see before them. Pastor Pierre Bennett compares that plumb line to how God’s followers should be in following His Word—directly in line with God’s will. At the time God and Amos are described as standing on that wall, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out, the traditional church had been emphasizing the wrong things and deemphasizing God’s Word. For so long, Pastor Pierre Bennett explains, they had been chasing worldly things, motivated by the wrong things.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, one of the big problems at that time was that the king in power was not following God as he should, and in fact, had turned against God. In turn, society in general had a mentality that did not follow God.

But instead of going along with the king’s example, Amos was prophesying against what was popular at the time, Pastor Pierre Bennett describes. Amos spoke out against the traditional church, telling everyone what God had planned for them, but nobody would listen. In fact, they ridiculed Amos.

Amos cried out to God that he never wanted to be a prophet, Pastor Pierre Bennett tells his congregation. Amos was minding his own business when God called him to be a prophet, says Pastor Pierre Bennett, and although it wasn’t popular or even accepted at the time, Amos spoke out against what was popular despite the consequences.

As Pastor Pierre Bennett points out, often the Word given to you by the Lord may not be what is popular, but it is always what is true. If the Lord’s Word is the wall, and you are standing on it, then your plumb line should always remain straight. If you are not straight—not completely in line with God—you are on the wrong side, concludes Pastor Pierre Bennett.

Pastor Pierre Bennett

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