Apostle Pierre Bennett: Jesus, the “Human One”

Apostle Pierre Bennett first learned about God while sitting in church with his grandmother, watching his mother perform in the choir. In 1999, Apostle Pierre Bennett received his calling to found God’s Luv International Ministries Church.

Apostle Pierre Bennett tells the people of God’s Luv International Ministries Church that the phrase “son of man” means “human one.” God only used the term in the Bible with three people, and one of those people was Jesus, Apostle Pierre Bennett points out. So while Jesus was blessed, Apostle Pierre Bennett continues, God acknowledged that Jesus was still part of this mortal dimension, while being elevated above the rest of mankind.

That’s how God feels about all his followers, Apostle Pierre Bennett believes. When you’re close enough for Him to speak to you man-to-man, you are blessed just as Jesus was. You are elevated, while still being a part of this dimension.

And, according to Apostle Pierre Bennett, you are blessed in so many ways. God blesses you so that you can preach His Word to others. For this reason, Apostle Pierre Bennett explains that you are blessed with both the gifts of revelation and evangelism. If you are on the street, Apostle Pierre Bennett emphasizes, and you suddenly feel overwhelmed with the urge to preach His Word to others, don’t deny that urge. Apostle Pierre Bennett says that this is His way of inspiring you to use the gifts He’s given you.

Too many times, we humans let shyness keep us from speaking out in God’s name, Apostle Pierre Bennett states. We may rationalize to ourselves that the other person will reject our message or that he or she has a not-so-friendly expression. Apostle Pierre Bennett stresses that if God is telling you to speak to that person, do it. Sadly, because many of us are still stuck at our earthly level, we don’t.

Fortunately, God is elevating many of His avid believers to a higher level. This level allows them to get past these fears and see clearly what needs to be done. Apostle Pierre Bennett says in this sense, many of God’s followers are prophetic, knowing instinctively what needs to be done.

The important thing to note is that the more you use the gifts He has given you, the stronger they become, Apostle Pierre Bennett states. Apostle Pierre Bennett recommends thinking of yourself as a vessel. God shows you these things so you will then share them with others. And when you share God’s word, it is for his glory, concludes Apostle Pierre Bennett.

Apostle Pierre Bennett

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