Modern Architecture Combines Beauty and Sustainability


Classic architectural designs are frequently prized as masterful works of art. Many fear this art form has been lost to the ecological demands of a modern world. But today’s architects are accepting the challenge put forth by their clients and the results are remarkable. Not only are the new and renovated buildings aesthetically pleasing, they are also designed in a way that reduces energy use and minimizes impact on the environment.

Many people believe that classic architecture is characterized by a motif that is symmetrically correct with intricate configurations and spiritual themes, but in fact classical styles of architecture can differ greatly. Whether the design is Roman, Greek, Chinese, 21st century or somewhere in between, classical architecture is any style of architecture that has developed to a refined state.

Architecture has evolved over the centuries to adapt to a 21st century shift in society’s priorities. Several principles have come together to influence changes in today’s design and aesthetic values. These changes are, to some extent, a reflection of developments that have taken place in the art community and society’s changing attitudes toward making the planet a better place for future generations.

Most families, businesses and individuals today prefer buildings that exist harmoniously with nature rather than against it. In the past, the structure itself was usually the priority when designing and constructing a building and little consideration was given to anything else. Today’s clients not only want eye-catching designs, they want structures that are environmentally friendly and provide functionality, sustainability and value, and that reflect the neighborhoods in which they are built.

Architectural companies across the United States and around the world are rising to the challenge. Most believe that sustainability and architectural beauty aren’t opposing concepts.

Sustainable, or green, structures often must be built or renovated in such a way that may involve sacrifices to the design of the building. When planning for this type of design, architecture clients should investigate before committing to a particular company. Experienced design and architectural businesses specialize in this kind of work and are eager to provide ideas on how to achieve architectural beauty, functionality and value without compromising sustainability for future generations.

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