Marketers LLC Suggests 10 Website Must-Haves

Marketers LLC is an Arizona company with years of experience helping clients succeed in business development and marketing. Through this experience, Marketers LLC has seen clients struggle to develop a website that stands out. With websites acting as an important information source to customers, Marketers LLC acknowledges that many businesses feel unprepared to create a website that shines. To help those businesses, Marketers LLC has provided the below list of ten must-haves for business websites today.

  1. Contact information. This is a crucial part of any website, Marketers LLC states. Yet Marketers LLC has found an alarming number of businesses either leave contact information off or make it hard to find.
  2. Mobile functionality. As the world moves toward mobile devices, Marketers LLC underlines the importance of designing websites for scalability on small screens.
  3. Clean design. If you’re thinking about forcing music or video on your customers, Marketers LLC suggests giving that a second thought. Auto-playing content as visitors wait for your site to load only sends them scrambling for the mute or pause button, Marketers LLC has found.
  4. Useful design. Pre-planning your site is essential for success. As Marketers LLC advises clients on site design, the company always recommends mapping out a site before the first word of code is typed.
  5. Useful content. To really make a website pop, Marketers LLC recommends putting oneself in the mindset of the average customer. According to Marketers LLC, businesses should look at their sites as customers do, determining whether the information on the main page adequately conveys the message they want to send.
  6. Clear security information. For businesses providing online sales, Marketers LLC advises not only using SSL encryption, but also clearly displaying the presence of this encryption through graphics on relevant pages.
  7. FAQ page. When people have questions about your business that aren’t easily found on the main pages, Marketers LLC has discovered those customers will go to the FAQ page. This page should not only be available, but easily found.
  8. Easy-to-use menus. When businesses try to be fancy, Marketers LLC believes customers end up feeling lost and confused. Simple, straightforward names for sections of your site are more than enough, Marketers LLC stresses.
  9. Online presence integration. A customer should be able to move easily between a business’s website and various social media sites, Marketers LLC emphasizes. Promoting each site across every site a business owns increases its exposure.
  10. Reliability. If a website has constant downtime, that website may as well not be online at all. If a business has to skimp on any area, Marketers LLC believes that area should not be reliable online hosting.

Marketers LLC specializes in simple but functional websites for its customers. With years of experience in marketing, Marketers LLC has the knowledge to provide the tools businesses need to succeed.


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