Kelley D. Hamilton – The Importance of Keeping Fit in the Golden Years

Kelley D. Hamilton is the co-owner and chief executive officer of Bonaventure Senior Living. Bonaventure is a family of companies devoted to providing outstanding living communities for senior adults in the Western United States.

As the head of the team at Bonaventure, Kelley D. Hamilton is dedicated to keeping the focus of the staff on the communities and residents, rather than concentrating on profitability. Kelley D. Hamilton believes his job is not just a career, it’s a calling.
According to Kelley D. Hamilton, adult seniors should have their personal preferences factored in when they are looking at different adult communities. Everyone should have a voice in how they spend their days. Kelley D. Hamilton and Bonaventure Senior Living built a community around the concept: Life on your terms.

Kelley D. Hamilton notes that as a group, baby boomers are the most physically fit and the most active generation to date. They tend to think of themselves as a special generation. Kelley D. Hamilton believes active retired adults are no longer content to sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and watch the world go by.

One of the things about which Kelley D. Hamilton is passionate is keeping retired adults healthy and active. In the past, “take it easy” was the mindset of many seniors and their families. Kelley D. Hamilton believes that is exactly what they shouldn’t do. The less a person moves, the worse they feel, so they move even less until it becomes a vicious cycle.

Kelley D. Hamilton points out long periods of sitting leads to weak muscles. Kelley D. Hamilton also tells us that a lack of stretching and movement results in joint deterioration and the loss of flexibility. The poor balance and resulting falls can lead to serious health problems for seniors.

But what does a senior adult do if they can’t jog or engage in vigorous workouts at the local gym? One alternative Kelley D. Hamilton suggests is yoga. Kelley D. Hamilton believes any type of exercise is imperative to keeping fit. He points to yoga as an excellent low-impact activity that can increase mobility and reduce many health concerns facing retired adults.

Kelley D. Hamilton says that yoga classes geared to senior adults are readily available so those new to yoga aren’t struggling to mimic the extreme contortions of much younger people in class. Kelley D. Hamilton asserts that qualified yoga instructors take into account any medical conditions of participants and modify the poses accordingly. In addition to increased flexibility and strengthening, Kelley D. Hamilton expounds on other benefits of yoga such as deep breathing to help improve concentration; positioning to relieve stress on joints, muscle and bones; and the calming effect of meditative aspects of the training.

Kelley D. Hamilton reports that other benefits seniors have noticed when taking up yoga include improved quality and quantity of sleep and reduction in use of pain medication. The relaxation and postures also seemed to help with breathing difficulties in some seniors.

In his informal exploration of yoga as a health benefit to seniors, Kelley D. Hamilton learned that most U.S. medical schools now include courses in alternative forms of therapy, which include yoga. Kelley D. Hamilton doesn’t claim to offer medical advice that only a doctor can provide, but his initial thoughts are that yoga is definitely something for senior adults to consider. Interested seniors should talk to their doctor about yoga when looking for a form of exercise compatible with their health condition and needs.


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