Rick Siskey Discusses the Importance of Diversification in Investing

According to Wall Street Capitol founder Rick Siskey, investors are understandably cautious in today’s tumultuous economic climate. The key, according Rick Siskey, is to know where to invest your money to minimize risk and maximize returns.

The more diverse your portfolio, in general, the lower your risk, Rick Siskey explains. While diversifying can be overwhelming at times, putting all your money in a few stocks is dangerous particularly in this environment, says Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey is the founder of Wall Street Capitol and is also the chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC. In his past thirty years in the business, Rick Siskey has become known as a seasoned investor and advisor to individuals, as well as both small and large companies.

While there is no such thing as a risk-free investment, Rick Siskey is a firm believer in hard work and striving to reach your dreams. “Nothing, and I do mean nothing, will ever replace the value of hard work and a strong dream,” Rick Siskey says. Any investment carries some risk, but by using wise financial strategies investors can take advantage of the opportunities and succeed, concludes Rick Siskey.

Over a span of three decades, Rick Siskey has become recognized as a premier investor and advisor to entrepreneurs and businesses.  Possessing “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance,” Rick Siskey knows what it takes to start, build, finance and sell companies. Following a successful career in the financial markets, Rick Siskey established Wall Street Capitol to service the types of financial needs expected by high net worth clientele.  Today Wall Street Capitol performs at a level not easily matched for entrepreneurs and individuals of financial means. Rick Siskey is also the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC, offering traditional and alternative sources of capital funding, strategic advisory solutions and alternative investment opportunities.  Through Siskey Industries, Rick Siskey joins his expertise with a network of industry professionals in the arena of private equity investing. For more information, visit www.siskeyindustries.com


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For almost 30 years in the financial industry Rick Siskey is truly did a good job. Rick Siskey is a smart person. Thank you Rick Siskey for the effort that you made in writing and sharing your points of view.


You made such an interesting piece to read Rick Siskey, It’s my first time to visit Rick Siskey site. I read the article that you write “Rick Siskey Discusses the Importance of Diversification in Investing” and this is a very informative article.

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