Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman: Why Hire a Tax Prep Firm?

Ian Woodman, Idaho businessman and the co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, believes that taxpayers should have a pain-free experience in dealing with the IRS. Today, Ian Woodman of Idaho and the team at Instant Tax Solutions work hard to ease taxpayer’s experiences by providing taxpayers relief through the services this A+ rated company offers.

As Ian Woodman, Idaho Instant Tax Solutions co-owner, explains, navigating the volumes of IRS tax laws can be daunting. Taxpayers don’t have to go it alone, states Ian Woodman. Idaho taxpayers have an Instant Tax Solutions office nearby in Post Falls. Staffed with legal counsel, CPAs, and former IRS agents, Ian Woodman ’s Idaho office has a hundred years of combined experience in tax laws to help you resolve even your most difficult tax dilemmas. Here, Ian Woodman of Idaho explains some of the reasons a taxpayer should hire a tax prep firm:

  • – Expertise—As Ian Woodman, Idaho business owner explains, tax experts spend all year preparing for tax season, fully researching the tax laws and changes that might impact you. By hiring a tax prep firm, like Ian Woodman ’s Idaho Instant Tax Solutions, you’ll have all the latest tax information available to you without having to spend months studying tax laws.
  • – More timely resolution—Ian Woodman of Idaho ’s Instant Tax Solutions, recalls taxpayers who have gotten themselves into trouble with the IRS. When a client is facing an outstanding tax debt Woodman’s tax prep firm can walk them through what they’ll need to do to satisfy the IRS’s requirements. Additionally, Ian Woodman ’s Idaho based office of tax experts can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, sometimes lowering or eradicating the debt altogether, depending on the situation.
  • – Understanding IRS notices—For the average taxpayer, an official notice from the IRS can be intimidating, explains Ian Woodman. Idaho taxpayers can bring that notice—whether it’s a notice of a lien or simply a bill for past due taxes—into Instant Tax Solutions and the experts on staff will explain what steps to take next.

If you’re struggling with any tax problem, Instant Tax Solutions can help, says Ian Woodman. His Idaho office is staffed with qualified professionals who will work with the IRS to provide relief for you and your family.

Ian Woodman, Idaho based tax relief business owner, is a former custom homebuilder who received specialized tax training. Ian Woodman’s Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions has grown from a two-person business to a thriving tax resolution firm that helps both businesses and individuals take control of their finances.

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