Ian Woodman’s Bucket List: A Tour of Europe

Ian Woodman’s bucket/wish list includes a future tour of Europe. While Ian Woodman and his wife, Becky, have yet to begin planning this complex trip, it is definitely near the top of his bucket list, as it is for many Americans.

Europe is a dream destination for many Americans but, like Ian Woodman, taking such a trip can remain a dream for many years. The expense and time commitment required in flying to Europe makes it an once-in-a-lifetime trip for many. That is why most travelers plan one extended trip to see every European destination at once, just as Ian Woodman would like to do.

Ian Woodman’s dream is to visit Paris, Rome, Greece, Italy, and England during his European trip. Many of these destinations aren’t as far from each other as many Americans think, Ian Woodman points out. In fact, many visitors like Ian Woodman choose to take the Eurostar from England to Paris—a trip that takes less than a few hours.

Paris, France is a dream destination for Ian Woodman and many others, as the city of love attracts couples from all over the world. Sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are must-see destinations during any European trip and, no matter what you think of your experience in France, you’ll remember those experiences for a lifetime.

While in Rome, Ian Woodman and his wife will likely toss a coin in the famed Trevi fountain and see the Pope speak at the Vatican on his Wednesday morning general audience. Even for those who aren’t Catholic, this is another must for any visit to Rome. While in Rome, Ian Woodman and his wife plan to try out pizza at one of the many authentic thin-crust pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens. When in Rome, you must have pizza the Roman way!

Greece and Italy are all about the architecture, says Ian Woodman. The Woodmans will take in the sights while enjoying the delicious food. While taking in the Acropolis and Santorini, Ian Woodman and his wife can dine on Moussaka and pasta. Separately, of course!

In England, Ian Woodman and his wife have planned to visit the legendary Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. England offers tours via its famous red double decker buses, allowing visitors like Ian Woodman to see the entire city of London in one afternoon.

While Ian Woodman’s trip to Europe is still on his bucket list, he hopes to begin planning his trip there–soon.

Ian Woodman

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