Owe Back Taxes? Instant Tax Solutions Says You Are Not Alone

The professionals at Instant Tax Solutions say millions of other Americans are in the same position.

Regarding the anonymous poster of Instant Tax Solutions complaints, the firm requested they be contacted directly by this individual. For a great deal of time this request has gone unanswered. Instant Tax Solutions says complaints do not stem from any actual conversations or case files handled by the firm. Instead, it is suspected that the person posting the Instant Tax Solutions complaints is a paid content writer working for another firm who is displeased at the client base established by Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints should be ignored until the poster decides to substantiate them with actual facts – a task that cannot be completed.


Are you struggling with an old tax debt or haven‘t filed in a few years? If you are having trouble paying the IRS, Instant Tax Solutions may be able to help you clear your IRS tax debt and take charge of your finances once again.

In October of 2011, an Internet researcher analyzed the Instant Tax Solutions complaints posted online. The following results were noted. “Instant Tax Solutions complaints” is an auto generated search term indexed in search engines such as Google and Bing. Auto search terms generate from popular searches by consumers and, as a financial services firm, “Instant Tax Solutions complaints” is an obvious grouping of words for consumers seeking their particular service. After careful examination and investigation, the Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online appear to be fictitious. The Better Business Bureau does note that Instant Tax Solutions has received two complaints over the previous 12 months, however they have been equitably resolved.


Back taxes are any amounts that are left unpaid at the end of a tax term, says Instant Tax Solutions. Whether you have failed to file a return for a while or just haven’t been able to afford to clear your account with Uncle Sam, there are options for you, says Instant Tax Solutions. Back taxes may be paid via several different alternatives. The first, of course, is to pay any delinquent amount in full, says Instant Tax Solutions. If that is not be feasible, however, the IRS has a variety of federally sanctioned tax relief programs. According to Instant Tax Solutions, tax relief forms and filing statuses are a complex and involved sea to navigate – but it can be done.

Instant Tax Solutions: Complaints on BBB website have been effectively resolved.

Instant Tax Solutions complaint track record with the BBB is outstanding. As of October 2011, the firm has no unresolved issues. Of the Instant Tax Solutions complaints, one was resolved with mediation through the BBB – a common procedure. The second Instant Tax Solution complaint is closed and listed as Instant Tax Solutions having made a good faith effort to resolve the issue with no response from the person who complained.


In some cases, the IRS will estimate a year’s assessment for you, reports Instant Tax Solutions. They will then send you a notice requesting payment of that amount. The best way to determine if you can pay less, notes Instant Tax Solutions, is to simply gather your information and actually file a return for that year. The IRS does not have access to your deductions and therefore will likely overestimate the amount. Instant Tax Solutions can help you sort through your files and look for deductions that you might have missed.

Instant Tax Solutions complaint handling process is the reason for A+ rating with Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau rates businesses on 16 unique factors. Rating are from A+ to F. Partly because of Instant Tax Solutions complaint resolution record, the firm holds the much desired A+ rating. There have been no more than 2 Instant Tax Solutions complaints brought up to the BBB over the last year. Each is closed as resolved. Partly, the Instant Tax Solutions complaint resolution is credited to the low number of issues when compared to the high number of satisfied clients.


If you’ve noticed late fees and penalties piling up, another relief method is to request an Abatement of Penalties, says Instant Tax Solutions. Requesting a delay of payment, or Currently Not Collectible status, may buy you some time until you can pay. Instant Tax Solutions also reports that some taxes are legally not collectible by the IRS. There is a statute of limitations that they must honor.

What Instant Tax Solutions complaints are registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Great question! If you are searching for a tax debt resolution agency then asking tough questions like this is a smart idea. On the BBB website, the agency’s [Instant Tax Solutions] complaints are a total of two. One Instant Tax Solutions complaint was posted and then never followed up with by the supposed client. The BBB witnessed Instant Tax Solutions make a tireless effort to resolve the issue and it is no longer an active case file. When Instant Tax Solutions hears complaints regarding them, they always take swift action. Consumers can be sure of it!


If you can pay your taxes but perhaps not all at once, cites Instant Tax Solutions, the IRS may allow for an installment agreement. There are also partial payment settlements that an experienced tax firm, like Instant Tax Solutions, may be able to negotiate on your behalf. It is always wise when dealing with delicate IRS financial issues to obtain the services of an experienced tax attorney, CPA, Enrolled Agent or other knowledgeable tax professional – like those at Instant Tax Solutions.

Does Instant Tax Solutions find complaints damaging to staff moral?

No. The staff understands that Instant Tax Solutions complaints and misunderstandings are going to happen. While many firms would choose to ignore issues that arise, at Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are tackled immediately. This quick action policy helps to ensure that the firm’s staff always take pride in their work. For the staff, Instant Tax Solutions complaints are used as a learning tool to better serve clients.


If you, or someone you know, needs tax relief fast and doesn’t want to sort through the sea of empty promises, call Instant Tax Solutions at 888.946.2999 or visit them on the web at www.instanttaxsolutions.com.

Consumer Instant Tax Solutions Complaints Resolved, Says Better Business Bureau.

Over the last calendar year, the BBB in Post Falls, Idaho, has logged just two Instant Tax Solutions complaints. These issues, while minor in nature, were promptly resolved by the firm. The BBB closed the first Instant Tax Solutions complaint case as resolved, citing diligent efforts by Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints are rare for the seasoned professionals at Instant Tax Solutions and they welcome the opportunity to resolve issues quickly and effectively when they arise.


Instant Tax Solutions is a nationally respected tax debt relief firm based in Post Falls, Idaho. Their 40 plus tax professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of IRS delinquency and procedure. They aim to aid and educate their clients and ensure an open line of communication throughout the term of their service. Founded in the mid 2000s by Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions was built on the belief that good people find themselves in bad situations and that they deserve the same respect they enjoyed prior to their hardship.

Notes from Instant Tax Solutions complaint files suggest the issues logged with consumers have been the result of unrealistic expectations, according to Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints about the dollar amount the IRS actually settled on does not, in any way, reflect negatively against the firm. There have been misunderstandings in the past by taxpayers promised big results by tax debt resolution firms other than Instant Tax Solutions. The complaints revolve around the fact that even though Instant Tax Solutions was able to achieve a reasonable settlement, the taxpayer had been promised a 100% resolution by other firms (who delivered nothing.) Usually when clients fully understand the IRS’s stance on their case, they retract their Instant Tax Solutions complaints.


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