Interview: Instant Tax Solutions Offers Taxpayers Hope for Lower Tax Bills

Aicube.com recently spoke with Instant Tax Solutions about fees associated with late tax payments and possible removal of them.

Does Instant Tax Solutions scam taxpayers, clients, and consumers?

According toInstant Tax Solutions, scams are not welcome as a part of business within their walls. They offer only the best and most up to date legal services to help you, the consumer, deal with the effects of owing the IRS back taxes, penalties, and other miscellaneous fees. In fact, says Instant Tax Solutions, scams are not only unwelcome, they are strictly prohibited. Research into Instant Tax Solutions scam claims will find these allegations no more than a personal vendetta against specific employees or rival tax firms trying to scare tax paying clients away from ITS.


Aicube.com: What are the fees for filing a late return, or failing to file?

Instant Tax Solutions: There are many different fees ranging from just a half percent for late payment to half a million dollars and jail time in cases of fraud.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, scams are often found in the financial service industry. Also, adds Instant Tax Solutions, scams may be identified bya scammer’s interest in getting money first, while providing results later. Sadly, the results never come to fruition. When asked regarding an alleged Instant Tax Solutions scam, the firm is pleased to inform they have an A+ rating with the BBB. Instant Tax Solutions’ scam policy is that they do not scam clients.


Aicube.com: Why does the government have so many fees and penalties?

Instant Tax Solutions: The hope is that people or business entities facing hefty fines will pay their base taxes promptly.

Instant Tax Solutions Scam Allegations – True or False?

Not true,according to Byron Pedersen! It appears that a competitor may have fabricated the concept of an Instant Tax Solutions scam as an ambush to lead taxpayers astray. The “Instant Tax Solutions scam” Google or Bing search results are a blunt effort at hoodwinking consumers by degrading an A+ rated tax resolution firm. So, if searching for “Instant Tax Solutions scam” brings you tothese results, please be assured that Instant Tax Solutions has your best interests in mind.


Aicube.com: How much of a total tax bill can these fees make up?

Instant Tax Solutions: Penalties can account for 25%  or more of the total amount owed.

Is there an Instant Tax Solutions scam? Not according to founder Byron Pedersen.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, scam based operations are the lowest of the low. These tax relief firms often make unsolicited contact with consumers via telephone – they have bought name list from list broker services. Instant Tax Solutions says scam firms usually change their business names often so as not to be recognized by their victims. Instant Tax Solutions suggests scam services should be reported to authorities.


Aicube.com: How can taxpayers avoid fees and fines?

Instant Tax Solutions: If you are unable to pay your tax bill on time you may be able to set up a payment schedule with the IRS. A tax specialist like the staff here at Instant Tax Solutions can help consumers negotiate the complexities of the IRS and help determine if there is reasonable cause for fees to be removed.

Are you wondering about the “Instant Tax Solutions scam” search returns in Google?

You may have noticed that search engines automatically fill in popular search terms when you are looking for something. One such term “Instant Tax Solutions scam” began appearing in late 2010 when a rival tax firm owner decided to siphon the client pool of Instant Tax Solutions. Scam claims were made and posted on the Internet. Instant Tax Solutions is hopeful that each consumer delves further into the reputation of the firm and realizes that there in not an Instant Tax Solutions scam.


Aicube.com: What is reasonable cause?

Instant Tax Solutions: Extenuating circumstances; there are several causes the IRS considers for abatement of penalties.

Is there any validity to Instant Tax Solutions scam assertions?

No. Anyone claimingknowledge of an Instant Tax Solutions scam should be questioned further. Upon this interrogation, taxpayers are sure to find that the claims of an Instant Tax Solutions scam are empty and without basis. The Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys, and other IRS involved staff at Instant Tax Solutions are embarrassed by these claims. As parents, brothers, sisters, and children they work with the same ethics they would want someone treating their own families with. Consumers may rest at ease that there is no Instant Tax Solutions scam.


Aicube.com: Such as?

Instant Tax Solutions: Death of a spouse, or other close relative impacting an individual’s finances, serious illness, Mother Nature – hurricane, tornados, earthquake, etc., personal disasters...

Instant Tax Solutions Scam Claims Renounced

In recent months, allegations that Instant Tax Solutions scams clients have poppedup on several consumer websites. These attacks are to be expected from time to time against any public service provider and in the case of Instant Tax Solutions, these scam claims have been renounced as pure propaganda by rival tax debt relief firms with a potential financial gain. As consumers are increasingly more involved in Internet research they will find Instant Tax Solutions scam posts and allegations untrue and are encouraged to speak with the team at Instant Tax Solutions personally to calm any concerns of less than top-notch professional advice.


Aicube.com: So only life shattering events?

Instant Tax Solutions: Not necessarily. Loss of records or personal situations, like divorce or incarceration, may also allow a taxpayer to request removal of all or some of the fees.

Clients Praise Instant Tax Solutions as Scam Free

There is a long list of clients citing recent Instant Tax Solutions scam claims as completely unmerited. With thousands of satisfied clients to their credit, Instant Tax Solutions says scam allegations are bogus and encourage taxpayers to visit independent websites like http://www.ivouch.com/instanttaxsolutions to read real taxpayer stories about Instant Tax Solutions. Scam claims are not true and anything other than excellent service by its staff is not tolerated by Instant Tax Solutions.


Aicube.com: If a taxpayer uses a tax prep service, are they liable for inaccuracies?

Instant Tax Solutions: If the taxpayer was given bad advice by a licensed tax agency they may request penalties be removed. The staff at Instant Tax Solutions is continually educated on IRS policy and procedure to ensure that our clients get only the best guidance.

Instant Tax Solutions: Scam Allegations Addressed

Elaborating on the claims of an Instant Tax Solutions scam, the firm says that the claims are false. Unfortunately, reports the team at Instant Tax Solutions, scam claims may be made by anyone and posted on the Internet. If you are seeking answers about whether or not the reports of an Instant Tax Solutions scam are accurate please check with reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau or Ivouch.com – both independent of Instant Tax Solutions. Scams, if happening, will be addressed on either of those sites. As of today, there are no reputable scam claims involving Instant Tax Solutions on either one.


Aicube.com: Is the IRS obligated to remove penalties?

Instant Tax Solutions: Absolutely not. The IRS may, in some cases, remove penalties as a courtesy. It’s best to get the advice of a professional when dealing with the IRS.

Do Instant Tax Solutions Scam claims have any real basis in the truth?

No, says Instant Tax Solutions. Scam claims have been fabricated by people outside of the actual client base of Instant Tax Solutions. Scam claimscited on the Internet are not valid. In other words, the staff of Instant Tax Solutions does not have any record of a client with the issues stated online. If you are searching for Instant Tax Solutions scam information, please satisfy your inquisition with reputable sources like the BBB, and then call Instant Tax Solutions for your IRS settlement needs.


Instant Tax Solutions has a strong commitment to aid and educate people suffering from IRS tax debt. Today, the firm includes nearly 40 tax professionals with more than ten decades of combined tax experience. Rated A+ by the BBB since its inception, Instant Tax Solutions is still treating each client with the same principals of loyalty, passion, and integrity in which founders Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman founded the company. For more information, visit Instant Tax Solutions online at www.instanttaxsolutions.com

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