Instant Tax Solutions: How to File Back Taxes

Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of tax professionals boasts a combined 100 years of experience in tax preparation and mediation, helping taxpayers in all fifty states navigate the complicated tax laws. In its years in business, Instant Tax Solutions has seen many taxpayers who have fallen behind on their tax debts. There are several things a taxpayer can do when he or she gets behind on paying taxes, Instant Tax Solutions advises. The first of these is to take care of things as soon as possible. In fact, according to the team at Instant Tax Solutions, delaying payment only makes things worse. Continued failure to pay can result in liens on your property, wage garnishment, and even imprisonment.

Instant Tax Solutions Scam Claims Recognized As False

Instant Tax Solutions scam claims are contrary to the facts. The firm is well recognized for taking only cases that are likely to be accepted for federal tax relief. In actuality, the Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations have no basis in truth and appear as a personal attack against the firm’s professional staff, which includes legal counsel, CPAs, and former IRS revenue officers. According to a number of independent reviews, Instant Tax Solutions scam claims do not reflect the true nature of the firm’s quality of service.


Another piece of advice from Instant Tax Solutions is to seek the help of an experienced, trusted tax professional. Instant Tax Solutions has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition to its many satisfied customers. With a staff of IRS enrolled agents, former IRS auditors, and accountants, Instant Tax Solutions is prepared to work with the IRS to come to a resolution that is satisfactory for both parties. Having an experienced tax professional working with them makes a big difference to the IRS, Instant Tax Solutions says, because it communicates that you’re willing to work to resolve your tax debts.

Instant Tax Solutions Scam Allegations Are Inconsistent

Instant Tax Solutions says scam and complaint information circulating the web has outraged many of their clients. According to one representative of Instant Tax Solutions, scam claims and false accusations have led to a number of phone calls to their office by former clients who support the firm. One resident says, “I have, for many years, been a client of Instant Tax Solutions and scams are something that I have seen them fight diligently against.” According to residents of Post Falls and verified by the firm, Instant Tax Solutions scams reportedly alleged by the same person are inconsistent and written anonymously.


Get your documentation in order before visiting Instant Tax Solutions, the firm recommends. Instant Tax Solutions provides a free consultation and having everything in order before your first appointment can make a big difference. Having all of your documentation can also help Instant Tax Solutions in its discussions with the IRS, preparing them with all necessary documentation to negotiate on your behalf. And if you haven’t filed your taxes at all, you will have to do so before an amount can be worked out. Instant Tax Solutions has all the forms you’ll need to file taxes for previous years and can help you fill them out to minimize your debt.

Instant Tax Solutions Says Scams Can Be Avoided With a Simple Phone Call

In a recent statement by Instant Tax Solution scams are admonished and their services are offered to help detect fraudulent agencies. The firm says that even if a potential client opts to choose a different tax debt resolution firm, they may always call for a free consultation. Tax professionals at Instant Tax Solutions say scam companies will likely take a taxpayer’s money after hearing very little detail of the individual’s tax debt needs. According to Instant Tax Solutions, scams may be avoided after speaking with one of their knowledgeable representatives. The agent can consult as to whether or not the individual’s issues are reconcilable.


Some taxpayers who owe back taxes actually are due refunds, Instant Tax Solutions says. If you believe you may have money coming back to you, it’s even more important that you work with the IRS as quickly as possible, as most refunds have time limitations. According to Instant Tax Solutions, you have only three years to file a request for a refund, with the timeline beginning at the date which your tax return was originally due. Instant Tax Solutions can help you get as much of your past due refunds as possible, using the expertise its staff has gained in its years of tax preparation work.

Taxpayers Say Instant Tax Solutions Scam Reports Found Online Do Not Describe the Firm Accurately

Hundreds of satisfied clients say that the Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations located on certain websites online must have been written by someone who was unable to utilize the firm. After an initial free telephone consultation, taxpayers are very openly told whether or not their case would be eligible for tax relief. The Instant Tax Solutions scam reports appear to be written by someone whose case was deemed ineligible. This free telephone call is one way that Instant Tax Solutions says scams can be avoided.


Instant Tax Solutions has a staff of tax professionals, accountants, and IRS enrolled agents that can help you understand your rights when it comes to back taxes. Contact Instant Tax Solutions today to begin the process of resolving your IRS tax debt. For more information, visit them online at www.instanttaxsolutions.com.

Instant Tax Solutions Scam?

Absolutely not! At Instant Tax Solutions, scams are viewed as a threat to the entire industry. According to the firm, when other tax debt resolution agencies are dishonest, it makes the profession seem untrustworthy as a whole. With that in mind, there are several Instant Tax Solutions scam busting techniques employed by their staff. For instance, the first telephone call to the firm is a free consultation, which will help the client determine whether or not his or her case is eligible for IRS relief. With this bit of information, says Instant Tax Solutions, scams may be avoided since the client is armed with knowledge. If a different tax firm offers a differentiating opinion, and offers to settle the client’s tax debt with a large upfront payment, the individual will already know why their case is considered unresolvable.


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