Dennis Wong on the Growing Popularity of Network Marketing


As co-founder of the nutrition products company YOR Health, Dennis Wong experienced the importance of healthy personal relationships in the workplace. Dennis Wong, a long-time entrepreneur and business executive, has seen network marketing as a natural outgrowth of these relationships. Dennis Wong believes that network marketing holds great potential for many Americans who are looking to succeed in business.

Q: Is network marketing popular with the general public?

Dennis Wong: Actually, many people consider network marketing to be a negative thing. A lot of misinformation online and by word of mouth has contributed to these opinions.

Q: Why is that?

Dennis Wong: People are generally skeptical in society for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with network marketing.

Q: Explain.

Dennis Wong: The number of controversial actions taken by trusted institutions has truly shaken the confidence of the American people. It is hard to put complete faith in businesses these days.

Q: What types of institutions are under the microscope?

Dennis Wong: For corporations, governments and even churches, behavior behind the scenes is under intense scrutiny. Many have received backlash in the media due to inappropriate communications and illegal financial transactions.

Q: Is there cause to be skeptical about network marketing?

Dennis Wong: In some cases, people will try to make a quick buck. However, the majority of network marketing firms are legitimate.

Q: Such as?

Dennis Wong: Mary Kay and Avon are the two most popular examples in the United States.

Q: How can organizations alleviate the concerns of consumers?

Dennis Wong: Organizations must show consumers why they are different from the rest of their competitors while establishing a trusting relationship.

Q: What is the basis of network marketing?

Dennis Wong: Network marketing is based on developing personal relationships in business.

Q: So it’s really a sales strategy.

Dennis Wong: In a way, yes. It differs from direct selling, though.

Q: How so?

Dennis Wong: Direct selling occurs when a person sells either a service or a product to someone else directly.

Q: And network marketing is …?

Dennis Wong: Network marketing focuses more on increasing sales through the number of referrals developed by personal relationships.

Q: Isn’t this an important trait in any field?

Dennis Wong: It is, but network marketing takes it a step further by allowing professionals to share their expertise for the common goal.

Q: Will the network marketer be required to work with anyone in particular?

Dennis Wong: No. In fact, one of the terrific things about network marketing is the ability to pick and choose business partners and associates.

Q: What about job responsibilities?

Dennis Wong: Network marketing is a demanding profession, but flexibility of schedule is a big plus.

Q: Where is network marketing going in the future?

Dennis Wong: The sky is the limit! I believe that network marketing has the potential to become one of the best influences on society.

As co-founder of YOR Health, Dennis Wong is confident about the company’s ability to improve the lifestyles of all Americans through their nutritional products. Dennis Wong promotes spiritual and physical well-being for all customers by preaching the power of proper diet and exercise.

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