Interview with YOR Health Team Member, David R Uriarte Felix

YOR Health offers Premium Quality line of supplements that aids the body to properly absorb nutrients and produce enzymes. More than just a business, YOR Health is a social network of health and nutrition enthusiast and host many events including annual conferences and their ongoing body transformation contest the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge. YOR Health was founded in Irvine, California, in 2008 and has rapidly expanded to include representatives from across the globe. Today, one of YOR Health’s finest, David R Uriarte Felix, tells how he found YOR Health.

YOR Health: Welcome, David, and thanks for joining us today!

David: You’re certainly welcome.

YOR Health: Please tell us a bit about your background and early years.

David: Sure! I grew up in a family with strong moral values based on education and family itself. I moved away from a relatively small town to study in a metropolis such as Monterrey. There, I finished my education and built my own identity. In my case, I was someone with traditional values but with hunger for success, I wanted to grow and to excel. Before graduating I was already looking for something different, for an opportunity that could take me closer to those dreams we all have before we believed “it can’t be done” or “it’s too hard”.

YOR Health: Were you successful in your search?

David: Not so much, and working hard and just getting average results that don’t inspire anyone to keep striving, knowing that the course you are taking is neither the best nor the one to achieve your dreams, is frustrating. You look around, and see your boss, or his boss with an image you don’t like for yourself. You see your parents and you are thankful for what they’ve done for you, but you know that you want something else. All of this being hidden behind a fragile mask of success and wellbeing towards society.

YOR Health: But then things started looking up for you…

David: Yes! Just when it seemed that “that’s how life is” and that I had to conform, this YOR Health opportunity landed in my lap. Even though it didn’t come in the package I had expected, YOR Health has given me more than I could ever have imagined! For a start, we take for granted health and wellbeing, which was probably the last thing I cared about. What attracted me the most to YOR Health was the financial opportunity, 2 plus 2 are 4, that’s how simple it was for me. I believe that being an electronic systems engineer and having a 100% analytic approach helped me see how obvious the compensation plan was. That’s when I knew that there was something big here. However, I never imagined how big YOR Health would be.

YOR Health: Tell us more!

David: Well, even though money started coming after hard work, persistence and training, I discovered an even bigger treasure. At YOR Health, I discovered that I had a place to grow and receive completely radical ideas from what I was used to hearing in my family and at school. Different ideas get different results, and these ideas came from successful people willing to help us walk the same path. That’s how I met Paco Hernandez, Azya and Cus, Michael Mo, Dennis Wong and a great amount of YOR Health leaders with a common goal – a continuous personal and financial growth and self-discovery. The icing on the cake was being able to share YOR Health with my friends and family, having more time with them, being tuned into the same frequency and harvesting the fruits together.

Now, my family is bigger, it’s everywhere in Mexico and in some other countries because those acquaintances become your partners, your partners become your friends and your friends become part of your family. I know I’m blessed for being part of this great YOR Health project and maybe you don’t know it yet, but if you have this magazine in your hands, luck is on your side. Open your mind, pay attention, have faith and never give up. Enjoy the journey; it is worth it and again, NEVER GIVE UP!

David R Uriarte Felix is a successful YOR Health Independent Representative from Culiacan, SI Mexico. The team at YOR Health thanks David for taking the time to tell his story.

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