Direct Media Power, Inc. Discusses Types of businesses Benefit From Direct Marketing

Illinois-based Direct Media Power, Inc. has generated countless leads for businesses across the nation. Today, the staff at Aicube spoke with the direct media marketing giant to discuss exactly what types of businesses can benefit from radio and why.

Aicube: Good morning, and thank you for joining us today. Being an internet-based organization, we are always curious about how other medias attract consumers.

Direct Media Power: Thank you for having us.

Aicube: First, can you tell our readers a little about what Direct Media Power actually does?

Direct Media Power: Sure! We are a direct marketing firm that handles direct response calls generated from radio commercials.

Aicube: And that is effective? Even with television and the internet dominating most people’s lives?

Direct Media Power: Absolutely, radio is still a staple in most people’s lives. It’s been estimated that around 70% of the general population listens to broadcast radio. Looking at ethnic groups, that number can reach 95% or higher.

Aicube: That offers up the opportunity for a business to reach a broad audience.

Direct Media Power: Yes, it does but only if they want to. Radio can be tailored to a very specific listenership within a small area if that is what the advertiser needs.

Aicube: Let’s talk about the different companies that use radio for their marketing. What kinds of businesses benefit the most?

Direct Media Power: Any company that relies on a lead based system to generate revenue is a good fit for radio.

Aicube: Can you give us an example?

Direct Media Power: Tax and debt settlement groups, credit counselors, health products, and mortgage or refinance professionals are just a few of the kinds of businesses we service successfully.

Aicube: Let’s talk about credit counselors. Why is radio a good for these businesses?

Direct Media Power: As with any company looking to target a specific group, credit counseling firms need to target a focused audience. Radio allows them to choose the broadcast area and even the type of station they want broadcast to.

Aicube: What does the station have to do with it? Aren’t they all the same?

Direct Media Power: Let’s say that Company A wanted to sell a hangover cure. Chances are, they would have little success on the airways of a Christian talk station but play that same ad on a small college radio and their phones would ring non-stop this is probably not a good example – a better one would to say – “Let’s say that Company A wanted to target females looking for a skin care product, well you wouldn’t want that commercial to run on say a sports talk station.  We have the ability to pinpoint target audiences by station format and market.”

Aicube: That makes sense when you really think about it.

Direct Media Power: Yes and even though there might be fewer listeners on say a female oriented station, the demographic would be much closer to what Company A knew its target audience was.

Aicube: So, even with the smaller numbers they are getting more interested callers?

Direct Media Power: That’s spot on.

Aicube: Unfortunately, we are out of time today. Thank you for taking this time with us.

Direct Media Power: You’re welcome. Thank you.


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