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The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Bob Diamond to discuss home buying.

DR Marketing Group: America is experiencing a record number of foreclosures never seen before. It’s a mortgage meltdown. The United States treasury reported that the nation will experience 2.5 million foreclosures this year alone, which is more than three times normal.

Backyard Botanical:Record foreclosures are giving ordinary people all across this country the chance to acquire distressed properties for pennies on the dollar.So whether you are looking for your first home, to make your first million on investment real estate, or looking to buy your dream home at prices we haven’t seen in twenty years – do not miss this.

DR Marketing Group: We will tell you how you can take advantage of this tidal wave of opportunity and make a fortune in the process. Welcome to making money in mortgage meltdown.

Backyard Botanical:We’re going to teach you a way to not only find properties in distress all across America that you can buy for pennies on the dollar, but we’re going to show you how to get the money you need using secret money sources and no-money techniques known only to industry insiders.

DR Marketing Group: We’ll show you how to find the right properties at the right price and then we’ll connect you with the money you need to buy. Bob is a real estate attorney, developer, and published author of three books on foreclosure investing. Bob, this mortgage crisis is something that hasn’t been seen for almost twenty years.  How does this mortgage meltdown translate into opportunity for people to make money?

Backyard Botanical:This is a golden tidal wave of opportunity. According to the United States treasury in an average year there are 800,000 foreclosures.  In 2007 that nearly doubled to 1.5 million, now that may sound like a lot, but then in 2008 it went to 2.5 million foreclosures.

DR Marketing Group: Wow. That is a lot of foreclosures.

Backyard Botanical:The U.S. Treasury is telling us that it’s going to continue for 2009, 2010 and even into 2011. The banks are desperate. Normally you may think of foreclosure as something you have to go in and talk to a homeowner, and that might be sad or hard for you.  Right now it’s the banks that are failing if they can’t unload these properties.

DR Marketing Group: We know Countrywide mortgage, the largest mortgage lender in the country failed, had to sell themselves – they went down to like 50 cents per share, they had to sell themselves at fire sale prices to Bank of America.

Backyard Botanical:If they don’t sell you the property, they’re going to have to sell the entire bank at fire sale prices, and that’s the last thing they want to do.

DR Marketing Group: This is so exciting, this is the biggest opportunity we’ve had in 2 decades, and ordinary people are getting rich and you can get rich, too, if you just get involved.

Backyard Botanical:If you learn how to surf that surfboard, you’re literally going to dip in your bucket and take out buckets of gold and cash, which are all of those foreclosures and they’re two and a half million each and every year, each one representing opportunity to make money and an opportunity to save money.

DR Marketing Group: Please explain, how are you going to save money?

Backyard Botanical:According to the National Association of Realtors, the average house in America is $234,000.  You save 20% on that, you’re going to save $46,800 on the purchase of your house.  This opportunity is like a 20% off coupon of $46,800 savings coupon in the mortgage foreclosure meltdown.

DR Marketing Group: That is incredible.  So people can save an average of $46,000 on the low side by buying a house they can live in, they can completely change their life.

Backyard Botanical:Anybody can do this, and everybody can save 20% on the cost of their house after reading my books “How I make super profits in real estate investing” and “No money, no credit, no problem.”

DR Marketing Group: This is such a great opportunity.  How does your system for investing actually work with these investors?

Backyard Botanical:My system is so simple. I teach you how to find the properties, put them under contract and get the money to do the deal, it’s that simple. All you have to do is cash the check.

DR Marketing Group: So in the 20 years you’ve been writing books and practicing real estate law have you ever seen an opportunity like this and how much of a window do we have?

Backyard Botanical:There’s been nothing of this scale; the closest thing was the savings and loan crisis back in 1987 through 1991. This is truly the opportunity of our lifetimes.

DR Marketing Group: It’s the time that if people take advantage of this opportunity, they’re going to get rich, they’re going to be happy, they’re going to be living on the beach for the rest of their lives.

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