BentleyForbes Founder and Chief Executive Officer Wins Award from the Jewish Vocational Service

BentleyForbes The chief executive officer of commercial real estate firm BentleyForbes recently collected a prestigious honor: the Leadership Award as created by the Jewish Vocational Service. Now in its 11th year, the Jewish Vocational Service event Strictly Business celebrates the cream of the crop within the business community. BentleyForbes is proud of its leadership and recently answered a few question about the award.

Q: Which specific award was bestowed upon the BentleyForbes CEO?

BentleyForbes: The BentleyForbes CEO was honored to be named this year’s recipient of the Jewish Vocational Service Leadership Award.

Q: Why is this award such a tremendous honor for the BentleyForbes organization?

BentleyForbes: Although BentleyForbes has made a name as one of the leading real estate companies in the world, philanthropic and charitable causes are an even more important part of our daily operations. Making a mark on the community is something in which our leadership takes great pride.

Q: What other organizations has BentleyForbes assisted in the past?

BentleyForbes: The BentleyForbes CEO has been an active member of over 30 charities throughout the years, most notably the Boy Scouts of America. He has also shared his time and energy with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Q: Are there particular causes that BentleyForbes holds dear?

BentleyForbes: One area in particular that our CEO has focused upon throughout his professional career is youth development and education.

Q: Why this initiative?

BentleyForbes: With the various challenges posed to American youth these days, he is committed to helping young people make a smooth transition into adulthood. By supporting programs that teach positive values and morals, he is hopeful that the future will be brighter for these young men and women.

Q: Who are some of the past honorees of the Leadership Award?

BentleyForbes: Honorees include Bradley A. Luster, Richard Ziman, Alfred E. Mann, Dr. Sidney Harman and Stanley Black. Their knowledge and expertise has been incredibly helpful to a generation of corporate and business leaders, as well as government officials. The Jewish Vocational Service also previously awarded notable organizations like Staples, Wells Fargo and Kaiser Permanente. The CEO of BentleyForbes is proud to be acknowledged in such distinguished company.

Q: Why is BentleyForbes such a significant figure in today’s real estate market?

BentleyForbes: BentleyForbes is a a privately-held company, and we hold a number of signature properties from coast to coast. Over our 20-year history, the BentleyForbes leadership has handled over $3.5 million in total real estate transactions.

Q: What are a few prime examples held within the BentleyForbes portfolio?

BentleyForbes: The BentleyForbes portfolio extends from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale, and Chicago to Atlanta. Properties include Sterling Plaza, Park Center and Preston Commons all in Dallas, as well as the Prudential Plaza in Chicago. The number of investments undertaken by BentleyForbes continues to grow year after year.

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