Collex Collision Provides First Rate Customer Service

Collex Collision understands that car accidents bring inconvenience and discomfort into everyday life. The folks at Collex Collision specialize in insurance-based collision repair. They know just how stressful and uncomfortable a car accident and its aftereffects can be. Collex Collision says the physical trauma and anxiety of a car accident takes an immediate toll on anyone involved. On top of that, adds Collex Collision, the automobile itself is damaged and is bound to take considerable time to repair. Insurance companies, notes Collex Collision, have very particular methods regarding payment. These methods are often a source of additional delay, adds the team at Collex Collision, keeping the poor driver waiting and waiting for their repaired automobile.

At Collex Collision, dealing with insurance companies is a breeze. Collex Collision employs a knowledgeable staff that can navigate the ins and outs of insurance settlements. Furthermore, the mechanics at Collex Collision are repair professionals with many years of auto body repair experience. With knowledge and experience, Collex Collision offers customers the best possible service. Collex Collision focuses on customer satisfaction before corporate expediency. This customer oriented business sensibility gives Collex Collision the edge in a saturated auto body repair industry. In fact, over 95% of Collex Collision’s new clients come from previous client referrals. This is a fact of which Collex Collision is rather proud.

Collex Collision was founded in Warren, Michigan in 1975. Today, Collex Collision is Metro-Detroit’s leader in the collision repair industry. In the 35 years since the founding of Collex Collision, the company has grown to include over a dozen locations in across the eastern United States. Founder John Gagliano credits Collex Collision’s success to quality workmanship coupled with first-rate customer service. All Collex Collision employees are extensively trained at an in-house institution called Collex University. Regardless of their previous experience, Collex Collision individually educates each employee in the nuances of auto body repair and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Collex Collision, call 888-426-5539 or visit them on the web at http://collex.com.

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Collex Collision is dedicated to building a bond between individuals that springs from shared values. Collex Collision embraces honesty, respect, trust and excellence in its daily interactions with customers.

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