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According to the founders of YOR Health, greater health and wellness are the keys to economic independence. Recently, YOR Health has witnessed promising growth in the nutrition industry for a variety of factors. In this brief interview with the staff of Aicube, YOR Health explains why many Americans are choosing to concentrate on vital health initiatives.

Aicube: Hello, and thank you for stopping by this afternoon!

YOR Health: It’s wonderful to be here with you today.

Aicube: First, how do you assess the state of America today?

YOR Health: For the most part, people have good intentions. Unfortunately, economic conditions are not allowing many individuals to flourish as they would like.

Aicube: What is the current unemployment rate in your country?

YOR Health: The jobless rate is hovering around the 10 percent mark in the United States, which means more than 15 million people are without work.

Aicube: On average, how long have these people been out of work?

YOR Health: It varies, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that four out of 10 people have been jobless for 7 months or more. That is the most significant long-term unemployment on record, from what I understand.

Aicube: What are the effects of this high unemployment rate on the American economy as a whole?

YOR Health: More bankruptcies and foreclosures are sweeping our nation. Even though the U.S. economy has shown spikes of improvement, there’s been little momentum on a consistent basis.

Aicube: What other attributes are making an impact on the lives of American citizens?

YOR Health: While unemployment continues to sink towards double digits, the struggling housing market is driving down home values. The stock market has also been affected by the recent debt crisis in Europe.

Aicube: How do most Americans react to these trends?

YOR Health: What we’ve typically seen is that consumer confidence shrinks dramatically, and shoppers will cut back on spending and borrowing.

Aicube: How do you predict the health and wellness industry will change in the coming years?

YOR Health: It’s projected to grow rapidly within the next decade, from approximately $200 billion in consumer sales to well over $1 trillion.

Aicube: That’s quite a significant jump…

YOR Health: More so than in most industries around the world!

Aicube: What’s the reason, in your opinion?

YOR Health: According to many experts, healthcare is a critical issue for most people. It is also quite interesting to note that health and wealth are often directly related. Health may be providing a hindrance towards economic mobility.

Aicube: Are healthy people in a better position to ride out the economic turmoil?

YOR Health: Very possibly. In fact, according to a recent research survey developed by the Journal of Economic Perspectives, people who claimed to have terrific health hold 74 percent more wealth than those whose health was reported as only fair or poor.

Aicube: How can people address their current issues?

YOR Health: It’s important to truly understand where a person is, in terms of financial and health status. As our financial condition worsens, so too does our physical and mental health.

Aicube: This has all been worthwhile information. Thank you so much for sharing.

YOR Health: It’s our hope that consumers will take a better look at their health as the first step towards all-around success.

YOR Health delivers products of the highest caliber for the benefit of independent representatives and customers. With members located in Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States, YOR Health is well positioned to assist people with all of their health and wellness needs.

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