YOR Health Products Fill Fiber Gap to Improve Digestion

YOR Health Products

YOR Health products have helped many members achieve their health and fitness goals. YOR Health products include shakes and supplements to fill the nutrient gap and other deficiencies in people’s daily diet. YOR Health products such as YOR Fiber Plus, an advanced dietary fiber supplement, are designed to improve digestion and overall well-being. Below, the YOR Health products team explains the important role fiber plays in one’s health.

Aicube: Thank you for joining us today.

YOR Health Products Team: Thank you for having us.

Aicube: We’re here to talk about YOR Fiber Plus. Let’s start by explaining what fiber is.

YOR Health Products Team: Dietary fiber includes all parts of plant foods that your body can’t digest, which passes virtually unchanged through the stomach and small intestines into the colon. Fiber is found in thousands of plant foods, including fruits, vegetables and grains.

Aicube: Isn’t fiber just for maintaining regularity?

YOR Health Products Team: No. Fiber actually plays a large role in overall health, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system and support immunity. It’s important to get the recommended daily fiber to maintain good health.

Aicube: How much fiber do we need each day?

YOR Health Products Team: The recommended daily intake is 25 to 30 grams, but according to the American Dietetic Association, most Americans get only 10 to 15 grams of fiber each day.

Aicube: How do you know if you are getting enough fiber?

YOR Health Products Team: Stress and poor diet take a toll on the digestive health. If you have too much of either in your life, you’re probably not getting enough fiber. But with some planning you can add high-fiber foods to your diet to get closer to the recommended daily amount.

Aicube: How does YOR Fiber Plus support digestive health?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Fiber Plus supports the digestive health by keeping food and nutrients moving through the system and by helping the body to properly balance the bacteria in the colon.

Aicube: Should you still take YOR Fiber Plus if you aren’t experiencing irregularity?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Fiber Plus is a simple, convenient way to get the recommended fiber your body needs. The benefits of YOR Fiber Plus reach beyond regularity. YOR Fiber Plus supports the immune system, digestive tract, and overall health. YOR Health products should be taken as part of an ongoing effort to live a more healthy life.

Aicube: What does YOR Fiber Plus consist of?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Fiber Plus combines premium quality and pure organic fibers with organic flaxseed, omega-3 ALA, a powerful antioxidant called HMRlignan, and the patent-protected YOR NDS.

Aicube: What are the benefits of YOR Fiber Plus?

YOR Health Products Team: Organic flaxseeds provide an additional source of fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and lignans. Omega-3 supports heart health, skin health, and healthy immune function. The patent-protected YOR NDS improves the digestibility of the fiber, stimulates probiotics, and supports healthy digestion.

Aicube: How do I take YOR Fiber Plus?

YOR Health Products Team: Try mixing YOR Fiber Plus with other YOR Health products such as YOR Shake in Chocolate, YOR Shake in Vanilla, or YOR SuperGreens. YOR Fiber Plus easily dissolves in water.

Aicube: What other YOR Health products support digestive health?

YOR Health Products Team: All YOR Health products contain plant-based enzymes that support digestive health. In addition, YOR Probiotics contains a proprietary blend of more than 5 billion highly active microorganisms. This blend is carefully formulated to enhance the digestive process.

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