Paul Savramis Is Proud of the Programs Offered by Rising Stars

Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars in 1996, with no idea of the great success it would one day become. He had a vision of an organization that would help young people achieve their goals, both athletically and academically, but Paul Savramis says that eventually the demand for membership in Rising Stars grew further than even he’d dreamed. The programs offered by Rising Stars today are a reflection of Paul Savramis’ original vision for the organization, upholding his commitment to encouraging education and a strong value system.

Camps Clinics and teams utilized to promote education and reinforce values are the staple of Paul Savramis’ initial mission for Rising Stars. Currently, Rising Stars offers a variety of programs including offering camps for other youth programs.

According to Paul Savramis, camps are always conducted in an interactive and fun manner, which helps keep participants’ attention and allows them the opportunity of learning by doing. During camps, participants also play in scrimmages that apply what they learn in the drills in real game-like situations.

Rising Stars also hosts clinics for other organizations including the New York Knicks and the Boy Scouts of America, according to Paul Savramis. Paul Savramis and Rising Stars welcome all kids from elementary school age to high school education level. Students can choose between one- to two-day clinics or year-round clinics, and Paul Savramis explains that lessons are specifically tailored to a student’s ability level and needs.

According to Paul Savramis, though, Rising Stars’ specialty involves programs for younger students. Children in kindergarten to fourth grade can especially benefit from Rising Stars clinics, Paul Savramis explains, as these children given the tools necessary to build the beginning skills that will bring them long-term success in the sport.

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