Paul G. Hauf Provides Business Brokerage Services

Paul G. Hauf has been a small business consultant for 30 years. Paul G. Hauf specializes in service oriented businesses, restaurants, and small format retail establishments. Besides being a business broker, Paul G. Hauf also manages a large database of lenders. As a business broker, Paul G. Hauf works as a professional mediator between business sellers and prospective buyers. As a lending advisor, Paul G. Hauf utilizes his network of bank and non-bank lenders to provide clients with financing that best meets their needs.

For prospective business buyers, Paul G. Hauf provides essential services. Some of Paul G. Hauf’s business brokerage services include business valuation, financing negotiation, and regulatory documentation. Purchasing a business is a complex process with a plethora of legal and financial details to monitor. Without the guidance of a professional business broker like Paul G. Hauf, it would be very easy to buy the wrong type of business, pay too much for a business or fail to fully analyze and understand a business’ financial performance.

When selling a business, Paul G. Hauf looks out for the interests of the seller by screening a large population of interested buyers. In this way, Paul G. Hauf is able to find the best matches between sellers and buyer, based on budget, experience, and business interests. Paul G. Hauf wants all of his clients, buyers and sellers alike, to be completely satisfied with their transactions. Paul G. Hauf understands the best way to maintain and strengthen his client base is by best serving his clients’ needs.

In some ways, a business broker acts as a financial matchmaker. By knowing so many people in the business world, business brokers like Paul G. Hauf find the best matches of sellers to buyers. Paul G. Hauf also goes a step further to connect buyers to reputable lenders. By building a network of lenders and business listings, Paul G. Hauf helps Americans turn their small business dreams into realities.

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Paul G. Hauf has built a large network of 350 lenders that include both the banking and non-banking industries. The mission of Paul G. Hauf is to provide lending platforms for those borrowers who might be unable to obtain financing through more traditionally structured lenders.

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