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According to Doug Battista, a trip to the Ceará Coast showed him a side of Brazil he hadn’t previously known about. In fact, the experience was so enjoyable, Doug Battista now recommends the Atlantic Coast Region for its eco-friendly tourism. Unlike many tourist destinations, the Ceará Coast has miles of beach untouched by man, many of which are deserted. Doug Battista found it was a great way to experience the natural beauty of the coast without high-rise hotels and crowds of sunbathing tourists.

The Ceará Coast is also home to Quixadá, which Doug Battista says is known for its exciting adventure-filled activities like paragliding and climbing. Paragliders from around the globe come to Quixadá each November, explains Doug Battista, when the weather conditions make for the best paragliding. Several distance records have been made by paragliders in Quixadá, notes Doug Battista.

The Ceará Coast is also home to Cumbuco, popular for its kitesurfing. Cumbuco is a fishing village, says Doug Battista, with beautiful sand dunes and beaches. Windsurfing is also a popular sport in Cumbuco, according to Doug Battista, thanks to the strong winds it experiences in the latter months of the year.

But adventure isn’t the only thing the Ceará Coast has to offer. While in Ceará, Doug Battista recommends visiting the Central Market, where you can see more than 300 locally made handcrafted items.

While in Cumbuco, Doug Battista suggests taking the time to travel to neighboring Fortaleza, popular for its international resorts and exciting nightlife. The town is home to several landmarks, but tourists from across the globe travel to Fortaleza for its sandy beaches featuring warm ocean water. Beach Park is also a popular tourist destination, according to Doug Battista, with the highest water slide in the world, stretching to 41 meters in height.

Fortaleza is also home to Fortal, one of the most well-known carnivals in northern Brazil. This four-day carnival features music from local bands, food, and 1.5 million visitors annually.  Doug Battista says that the Ceará Music festival is also a popular event that attracts music stars from around the world to perform.

Both Fortaleza and Ceará are rich in history, Doug Battista says, dating all the way back to the 1500s. In recent years, Brazil has heavily promoted its beautiful beaches in the northern region, with both areas heavily photographed. Now, according to Doug Battista, all-inclusive resorts have moved in, drawing tourists from around the globe while the Amazon rainforests continue to draw adventurers interested in exploring.

Doug Battista

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