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Carlotta Luis has experienced international travel as one of the most fulfilling recreations of modern life. Today, travelers can reach any corner of the globe faster and safer than ever before. Anyone who knows Carlotta Luis, knows that she loves to travel. One of the destinations that Carlotta Luis recommends visiting is the breathtaking country of Brazil.

According to Carlotta Luis, Brazil is the perfect destination for adventure vacationers. Visitors to Brazil, notes Carlotta Luis, are struck by the rugged landscapes and spectacular shores untouched by large-scale commercial development. Brazil offers countless opportunities to find an out of the way nook of the world for an adventure, adds Carlotta Luis. Adventure vacations give the clients of Carlotta Luis the chance to get back to nature and reinvigorate their body and mind.

One particularly lovely part of Brazil, according to Carlotta Luis, is Jijoca de Jericoacoara. In Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Carlotta Luis says that visitors can get away from the throng of cities and tourists. Jericoacoara is a remote region on the northern coast of Brazil, in the Brazilian state of Ceará. Just making it to Jericoacoara is an adventure, continues Carlotta Luis, requiring hours on a bus through undeveloped country. After the simple bus trip comes a thrilling dune buggy ride along a sandy plain leading to the equatorial beaches of the Atlantic.

Carlotta Luis recommends Jericoacoara as an ideal vacation spot for many reasons. Carlotta Luis points out that this idyllic spot has no paved roads, few motorized vehicles and even less electricity. Don’t even think about trying to find a bank or shopping plaza. Instead, adds Carlotta Luis, Jericoacoara boasts immaculate beaches and protected wildlife. Carlotta Luis says that this destination offers horseback riding, windsurfing, or rock climbing, while little villages like Guriu play host to hidden treasures like natural pools and memorable sport fishing.

About Carlotta Luis:

Carlotta Luis has spent a great portion of her career focused on Caribbean travel. Providing solid basic information helps vacationers make the right choice and for Carlotta Luis and those she serves, there are many destinations within a few hours of air travel from the southern U.s. that are affordable, friendly and beautiful destination for vacationers looking for sand, sun and hospitality.

For more information, Carlotta Luis can be contacted at carlottaluis@hotmail.com.

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