Caribbean Cruise Travel Tips From Carlotta Luis

Despite the economic climate, says Carlotta Luis, people are still going on vacation. Caribbean cruises remain a very popular vacation option according to Carlotta Luis, because they have the potential to be decadent, yet affordable. Carlotta Luis also says that Caribbean cruises offer a plethora of activities for adults and children, great entertainment, world cuisine and the chance to visit exotic ports in the region. Carlotta Luis recommends researching which cruise line may offer exactly what you are looking for in a cruise vacation and to make sure to read customer reviews.

One thing that keeps Caribbean cruises popular, according to Carlotta Luis, is the fact that many offer all-inclusive cruising options and some freebies. It is becoming a trend for mainstream cruise lines to impose additional fees for certain activities and meal options, but high-end cruise lines remain consistent with their all-inclusive origins. Once a vacationer is on board his or her cruise ship of choice, notes Carlotta Luis, fun and relaxation ensue and there is little need to think about anything else. Carlotta Luis’ clients often pose questions to her about how to get the most bang for their Caribbean cruise buck.

For the interested traveler, Carlotta Luis has drawn up some simple yet effective tips for planning the most satisfying Caribbean cruise. To begin with, says Carlotta Luis, determine your travel budget. Then make sure you have the necessary travel documentation, identify your travel dates, select your cruise line of choice, make your accommodation preferences, figure out your ports of interest and select which shore excursions you may want to participate in. When planning advance vacations or special occasion getaways, three to six months is an acceptable lead-time for a cruise, says Carlotta Luis, but if it is possible to book the trip a year in advance, go for it.

However, do not count out last minute cruise deals for spur of the moment get aways. Carlotta Luis says that bargain hunting can be very rewarding. The savings enjoyed for a little forward thinking will pleasantly surprise you. Keep in mind that shorter cruises may cost less money, points out Carlotta Luis. For example, Carlotta Luis notes that there are an abundance of 3 – 5 night cruises setting sail daily from the West Coast, Gulf Coast, Southeast Coast and Northeast Coast. Shorter cruises are becoming increasingly popular, says Carlotta Luis, by catering to those busy travelers who need a quick affordable getaway.

Extended cruises are still very popular and they offer the opportunity to do and see a lot more. Carlotta Luis recommends these for vacationers who have the time. Longer cruises cost more if a traveler is looking at the total cost, but Carlotta Luis points out that longer cruises entail a lower average cost per day. Please contact your Travel Agent or to find one in your area. Carlotta Luis can be contacted at (305) 741-2013.

About Carlotta Luis

When Carlotta Luis was completing her education she had not yet set her sights towards being a travel industry professional. For Carlotta Luis, graduating was the goal. Her life, it turns out, has become more than she could have imagined.

As Carlotta Luis began moving into the work place she began to slowly define a career direction. For Carlotta Luis, this would eventually carry her to an enviable position. People now refer to her as a travel industry professional, a savvy market research resource, a skilled employee trainer and voice for innovative change. These are not titles that Carlotta Luis had originally seen herself owning.

Initial humanitarian interests took Carlotta Luis first to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti. St. Damien’s Hospital had 120 beds, including an 18 bed emergency unit, 10 bed pediatric intensive care unit and a 9 bed cancer center. The hospital was staffed with 18 pediatricians, 50 nurses and 60 certified nursing assistants, as well as 8 lab technicians. This was Carlotta Luis’ introduction into the health care and medical communities.

According to Carlotta Luis, more than half of all the hospital’s patients were admitted for an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV while twenty-five percent were admitted for non-infectious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney infection. Most patients admitted were also malnourished. This experience and the exposure to a very different life fueled what would become a passion for Carlotta Luis – an interest in different cultures. This interest continued to develop and Carlotta Luis began to sense a focus on the Caribbean countries.

Fast forwarding to the present, Carlotta Luis’ career track now places her as a sales professional promoting the U.S. Virgin Islands throughout the southeastern regions of the United States. She is employed by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and resides in south Florida. Carlotta Luis serves as a board member of the Caribbean Tourism Organization through its South Florida Chapter. She pursues excellence in her vocation, passion for her profession and vision for tourism throughout the Caribbean basin. These days, Carlotta Luis embraces the age old wisdom given by many in her line of work: Don’t worry, be happy!

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