Direct Media Power Complaints about Traditional Advertising Agencies Resolved by Unique Benefits

Direct Media Power (DMP), a radio-only advertising firm located in Wood Dale, Illinois, says that traditional media providers typically only offer the services that benefit them the most. According to Direct Media Power complaints about ad agencies and brokerage firms cite high costs and even higher pressure sales tactics. With their offering of free services, DMP sets a new standard.

According to Direct Media Power complaints about fraudulent commercials explaining the benefits of auto warranty companies are increasing. The group has heard of a number of ads over promising and under delivering. Direct Media Power says complaints regarding misleading ads can be forwarded to the FCC by visiting www.fcc.gov


At Direct Media Power complaints have helped mold a new kind of media provider. DMP offers free creative and production for clients in virtually any industry. As well, Direct Media Power promotes clients on thousands of radio networks across the nation, including small local stations to ensure the right demographic, every time. Direct Media Power also listens to their customers and helps determine the best market and format available for their products and/or services. All of this while maintaining professional and personal boundaries so often overlooked by sales reps.

In the case of Direct Media Power complaints, it has been determined that the Better Business Bureau has received one report of unsatisfied clients over the past 36 months. Digging deeper into this issue, the BBB determined that the issue was resolved with a satisfactory outcome. According to Direct Media Power complaints are handled with responsive care. Management asks that clients contact them first if they have any questions or concerns about their account.


So, what makes Direct Media Power different? It’s simple – the staff of willing and able reps who have an extra ace in their hand, so to speak. Direct Media Power operates on a pay-per-call lead generation payment plan. This sets them apart since their clients are guaranteed to only pay for the connected calls they receive as a direct result of their aired programming. Direct Media Power complaints only come when long time media buyers ask why DMP didn’t think of this sooner.

According to Direct Media Power complaints to the FCC are reviewed and followed up on as appropriate. The FCC takes in hundreds of reports each week regarding radio and television broadcasts, says DMP. Each report is read and marked for follow up, if necessary. According to Direct Media Power complaints that cite widespread airing of obscene material may get higher priority over complaints about misleading advertising. If the FCC finds sufficient information to take action against the offending radio station, they may issue a Notice of Apparent Liability, which will be reviewed and punishment enacted as appropriate.


According to Direct Media Power complaints regarding old-fashioned firms often cite a lack of experience from their sales reps. Direct Media Power proudly reports that they have generated over 3,000,000 leads in the last five years. That’s right, over half a million leads per year. That translates into major sales. And, unlike brokers, DMP doesn’t make a commission unless the client is successful – making for a highly motivated staff who know the industry and understand how to get results.

According to Direct Media Power complaints about their services found on pissedconsumer.com have been fabricated by a single individual with a personal issue with DMP and should be ignored. Direct Media Power complaints made to the BBB have numbered only one in the last three years, and in this case there was a misunderstanding and a resolution was swift.


In addition to high costs and inexperience, Direct Media Power says complaints about measurability have also helped them establish a system of call tracking that proves their creative marketing works. Direct Media Power provides a 1-800 number specific to each commercial with computerized tracking via a dedicated call center. And, since they only filter calls during client requested hours, there is never a chance of missing a qualified lead.

According to Direct Media Power complaints are an industry norm. People are hard to please in all aspects of life. It is no different with media advertising, says Direct Media Power. Complaints are going to happen. It is how they are handled that separates the professionals from the rest. At Direct Media Power complaints are met with open minds and are resolved with the same level of service as during the sales phase. This makes for happier and better informed customers in the long run.


Visit Direct Media Power online at www.directmediapower.com to see a complete list of benefits DMP clients receive.

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