SMART Carpet Offers SMART Strand Triexta

There’s a polyester carpet offered at SMART Carpet that is so superior to others on the market that the Federal Trade Commission gave it a brand new category, reports Brendan Phillips, SMART Carpet founder and CEO. The company offers a full line of carpet and flooring services to both residential and business customers in New Jersey, Staten Island and eastern Pennsylvania.

Flooring industry professionals, including SMART Carpet, know how hard it is to develop a new category of flooring. The product needs to be unique in some way as well as of outstanding quality, which perfectly describes the SMART Strand Triexta, say the sales professionals at SMART Carpet.

According to the SMART Carpet experts, the SMART Strand Triexta is one of the most durable carpets they’ve come across on the market today. It was designed to withstand daily traffic including high-use areas, explains a SMART Carpet employee, and also the long-term effects of regular wear and tear.

In spite of being durable, points out the SMART Carpet team, the carpet is also soft underfoot. SMART Carpet customers demand flooring that is as comfortable as it is functional. For sheer comfort and practicality alone, a Triexta carpet from SMART Carpet is the perfect solution.

However, a Triexta carpet from SMART Carpet also brings with it an inherent stain protection system and is friendlier to the environment in terms of composition. A healthier carpet for the environment obviously means a better product with respect to the health of SMART Carpet customers.

When you put all of these benefits together with the SMART Carpet savings of up to 50 percent off typical store prices and add the SMART Carpet free in-home estimate, premium padding and standard stair work, buying your next carpet or flooring from SMART Carpet is a very smart choice.

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SMART Carpet offers a complete line of name brand flooring products for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate & tile. SMART Carpet has managed to eliminate all the hassle of buying new carpet and flooring.


SMART Carpet is amazing…perfect
Amazing…perfect…wonderful [SMART Carpet] team. I would recommend [SMART Carpet] again & again.


Would use Smart Carpet again
Great job…would use Smart Carpet again.


Good work from SMART Carpet
[SMART Carpet] installers were great gentlemen…good work


ON TIME – Thank you SMART Carpet
Excellent work, very efficient and ON TIME…didn’t have to wait all day! Thank you [SMART Carpet]!


SMART Carpet installer was very competent
[SMART Carpet] installer was very competent, neat and courteous to us. Will recommend [SMART Carpet] in the future.


Would Recommend [SMART Carpet] Company To Others
[SMART Carpet] installers were excellent, the flooring looks great. We are very pleased with the [SMART Carpet] work and would recommend [SMART Carpet] to others. Eric was very professional and did an amazing job.


SMART Carpet was Capable & Obliging
The [SMART Carpet] installers were very capable and obliging.

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