Missed Fortune Founder Douglas Andrew Discusses the Importance of Safety in Principal

Missed Fortune Founder Douglas Andrew is a respected financial adviser and speaker whose workshops and books have provided new hope to a generation hit hard by recession. In the Missed Fortune materials, Douglas Andrew explains his complex strategies in a way anyone can understand, truly transforming lives. Today, Douglas Andrew talks to the staff of Aicube about indexing and the importance of safety in principal.

Aicube: You’ve been able to have success with your retirement strategies where many others are seeing tough times. Tell us a little about the asset optimization you discuss in your Missed Fortune workshops.

Missed Fortune: Through Missed Fortune, I’ve spoken a lot about safety, but also stress the importance of safety in principal.

Aicube: Explain what that means.

Missed Fortune: For example, if I set aside $100,000 or a million dollars, I do not want that principal subject to loss, or any of the gains.

Aicube: How do you avoid that?

Missed Fortune: Through indexing and lock-in and reset.

Aicube: So when the economy tanks, as it did in recent years, you don’t suffer a loss?

Missed Fortune: Not only that, but clients who followed the indexing strategies they learned through Missed Fortune were almost cheering during the economic downturn.

Aicube: Cheering?

Missed Fortune: Because they knew they weren’t losing. They did not lose principal or their gains. Many of my Missed Fortune strategy followers actually captured a gain in the first quarter of 2009.

Aicube: And you were making money during that time?

Missed Fortune: Well, I think many of my Missed Fortune attendees have heard this, but in 2007 I actually made 8 percent. In 2008, I didn’t make anything but I didn’t lose anything either.

Aicube: Not a big deal, since you’d made 8 percent the year before.

Missed Fortune: I locked in the gain I made in 2007 and reset in 2008, so I didn’t stand to lose my principal.

Aicube: And, then as you relate in your Missed Fortune materials, you actually gained 16 percent in 2009.

Missed Fortune: Exactly. In those three years—the three worst years since the Great Depression, I made eight percent, then zero, then 16. That’s an average of eight percent a year, tax free.

Aicube: You have explained in your book, Missed Fortune, how you do this.

Missed Fortune: When you protect your principal from loss and lock it in, it feels so great. If someone did absolutely nothing, they still would have doubled their money.

Aicube: So the key is safety of principal?

Missed Fortune: Yes, the key is to lock in that gain and reset, which causes it to become newly protected principal.

Aicube: Thank you, Douglas Andrew for these great insights. For more from Douglas Andrew, visit the Missed Fortune site online at www.missedfortune.com.

Douglas Andrew’s Missed Fortune books and educational materials have helped and inspired consumers worldwide. Andrew is also owner and president of Paramount Financial Services, where his firm assists clients with retirement and wealth planning. 

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