Weightlifter Matt Schilit Says Protein Essential for Building Muscle

Matt Schilit knows there are many theories when it comes to building muscle. Each weightlifter seems to have his or her own tips for achieving quick results. As a former first-place state champion in his weight class, Matt Schilit is often asked for advice on bulking up and staying healthy.

Matt Schilit has the advantage of also having studied health and nutrition extensively. Matt Schilit is a former health and physical education teacher and, in his spare time, he still enjoys studying nutrition. But weight lifting is more than a way to stay fit for Matt Schilit. For the past 15 years, he has regularly worked out, both to prepare himself for competition and stay in shape.

During this time, Matt Schilit has heard all of the different recommendations for building muscle. After extensive research into the matter, Matt Schilit has learned the science behind effectively creating muscle quickly. Through this research, Matt Schilit has realized protein is the key to building solid muscle. To maximize its effectiveness, he advises ingesting protein after each workout.

As Matt Schilit explains, when a person lifts weights, he or she is essentially breaking down muscle. As that muscle heals, it comes back stronger than it was before. Matt Schilit has learned that protein actually helps promote quicker healing and stronger muscle cells.

Matt Schilit consumes a protein shake after each day’s workout. He has personally had great success with Champion Nutrition’s Ultramet, as well as BSN’s Syntha 6. Matt Schilit is impressed with the taste of both products, as well as the results he’s noticed. Both Ultramet and Syntha 6 have a variety of flavors to ensure things never get boring.

Another benefit of protein is that it helps suppress appetite, Matt Schilit has noticed. This has helped keep him from taking in too many calories each day, which can negate all his hard work. Since weightlifting can work up an appetite, Matt Schilit has found that suppressing that appetite with a delicious, nutritious protein shake is also a great way to get recommended nutrients without overindulging.

Protein is also a great way to burn fat, which is important to your muscle-building routine, according to Matt Schilit. By using protein to help build muscle, he experiences a boost in his metabolism, increasing his energy and helping him shed fat. While building muscle is not an overnight process, through a combination of hard work and the right diet, the results will be amazing.

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