Interview with Chef Jeffrey Nimer About Foodie Networking Site Social Culinaire

Social media is paramount to good business. Jeffrey Nimer has taken that thought and turned it into a networking site for foodies and industry pros alike. Here, Nimer tells Aicube blog readers why Social Culinaire is such a welcome addition to the exclusive world of haute cuisine.

Aicube: Good morning, Jeffrey. Thank you for visiting with us today. First, for our East Coast readers who may not be familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jeffrey Nimer: I am a chef with over 15 years of professional experience. But, my passion for food goes beyond that, all the way back to my early childhood.

Aicube: Why is that?

Jeffrey Nimer: I grew up in a family that appreciated a good meal. My grandfather owned a bistro in an affluent area of Miami; my dad imported fine wines.

Aicube: Where did you go to school?

Jeffrey Nimer: Johnson and Wales University.

Aicube: Now, let’s talk a little about Social Culinaire. This is a website about food?

Jeffrey Nimer: No, it isn’t about food in and of itself. It’s a site for people who love food. I’m not talking about people who just love to eat, but those that think about every aspect of their meals.

Aicube: Like yourself?

Jeffrey Nimer: Me and every other chef out there who wants to connect with other people with similar passions.

Aicube: What can one do on the site?

Jeffrey Nimer: Networking is a big part of it. We can help each other improve our cooking skills and methods by asking and answering questions on the forums or help a fellow foodie find a job across the country.

Aicube: And there are videos and photos?

Jeffrey Nimer: There is a database of over 3,000 dishes and meal accompaniments that our members have posted. As well, there are instructional videos on how to make some amazing dishes.

Aicube: Is it like other social sites, can you let others know what you are doing at any given moment?

Jeffrey Nimer: Yes, we can share in real time or via posted content.

Aicube: And you offer advice to newbies in the industry?

Jeffrey Nimer: Absolutely – we welcome anyone with a passion for food no matter how long they’ve been donning a toque!

Aicube: Well, it looks like we are out of time. Do you have any final words about Social Culinaire?

Jeffrey Nimer: I’d like to encourage your readers to visit the site and check out the videos, recipes, and more.

Aicube: How much does it cost?

Jeffrey Nimer: It’s free but it is such a valuable resource for everyone from the home cook to Parisian chefs. We have members from across the globe!

For more information about Haute Chefs LA or to contact Jeffrey Nimer, visit hautechefsofla.com. To connect with Jeffrey Nimer via Social Culinaire check out his personal profile and biography at www.socialculinaire.com.

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