Chef Ben Vaughn Brings Grace to the Farm Table

Chef Ben Vaughn is already well established with his Memphis restaurant, Grace. But Chef Ben Vaughn wanted the opportunity to produce a more varied menu for the Memphis community. Where Grace just currently serves dinner, explains Chef Ben Vaughn, Au Fond Farmtable serves breakfast, lunch, and one weekly Family Dinner on Monday nights. Chef Ben Vaughn envisioned Au Fond Farmtable as a less formal companion to Grace. It would be a place with the atmosphere of a cafe, where people can order at the counter and have their items delivered to their table.

The beauty of Chef Ben Vaughn’s culinary vision is that both Grace and Au Fond Farmtable share the same kitchen. The two quaint establishments, says Chef Ben Vaughn, are paired side by side, one open while the other is closed. They were designed together, explains Chef Ben Vaughn, to be a house of dining, with distinct dinner and luncheon chambers. Chef Ben Vaughn says that while Grace offers full service dining in a lavish environment, Au Fond Farmtable has a different character. Au Fond Farmtable, continues Chef Ben Vaughn, is an order-at-the-counter establishment with unbeatable comfort food.

Visitors can enjoy the delicious shrimp and grits, chicken and dumplings, or the Au Fond carbonara. Au Fond Farmtable also has a pork and beans dish that the locals are raving about. Chef Ben Vaughn does not take on any menu without care and imagination. Chef Ben Vaughn always works to prepare dishes that are unique yet recognizable. People must understand that Chef Ben Vaughn’s pork and beans at aren’t any ordinary pork and beans. Under the hand of Chef Ben Vaughn, the beans are red beluga lentils and the pork is house-crafted spicy andouille sausage. As evidenced by the copious praise, Chef Ben Vaughn’s new Au Fond Farmtable is a welcome addition to the catalogue of Memphis eateries.

Au Fond Farmtable
Cooper-Young next to Grace Restaurant
938 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN, 38104

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Chef Ben Vaughn was voted as one of the top 5 Best Chefs in Memphis. Chef Ben Vaughn garnered acclaim during his stint as chef and partner at the Memphis, Tennessee award winning River Oaks Restaurant.

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