Jay P. Clark Says Lake Powell a Great Honeymoon Destination

Jay P. Clark, owner and CEO of Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch of Mountain Home, Idaho, recently honeymooned with his wife at beautiful Lake Powell on the Utah/Arizona state line. Prior to the trip, Jay P. Clark bought a boat that was outfitted with a kitchen, showers and sleeping quarters. During the weeklong trip, Jay P. Clark and his wife stayed on their boat the entire way, with occasional detours to hike and go kayaking.

Along the course of the adventure, Jay P. Clark says that the couple fished for crappie, striped bass and Northern Pike (Lake Powell is deep enough to support the species). The area is full of natural wonders and has inspired them to go back again soon to also visit attractions like Glen Canyon Dam and Rainbow Bridge, one of the largest natural bridges in the world. Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Clark marveled at the spectacle of Glen Canyon, reporting the canyon shows geologic formations that reflect millions of years of erosion. Cataract Canyon and San Juan Canyon were also visited by Jay P. Clark and his wife, as well as the confluences of the San Juan and Dirty Devil rivers. The entire lake has around 1800 miles of shoreline which of course varies with the lake elevation.  The Clarks were lucky to visit the Lake after a couple of wet winters increased water levels nearly 100 feet to levels not seen since the 1990’s.  Right after their visit, water releases from Glen Canyon Dam dropped the level around 50 feet which had a dramatic effect on accessibility to many remote canyons and camping areas.  It is the rise and fall of the waterline that also adds to the uniqueness of the area.  Each visit can seem like a visit to an entire new canyon depending on the water level.

Jay P. Clark acknowledges that even in the course of a week, it’s hard to take in all that Lake Powell has to offer. The lake has over 90 side canyons, and many other natural points of interest. The Defiance House ruin was of special interest to Jay P. Clark, as a plain reminder of the long-gone Anasazi culture. The more popular areas of the lake are home to waterskiing and jet skiing, but Jay P. Clark and his wife preferred a quieter, more subdued honeymoon. Jay P. Clark mentioned that the trip was truly an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with breathtaking views and natural beauty that will be remembered for the rest of his life.  Both him and his wife love canoeing and kayaking and were able to row for miles on Lake Powell.

Jay P. Clark calls Mountain Home, Idaho his home. He is president and CEO of Clark’s Crystal Springs, a farm that has pioneered the cultivation of Camelina as a biofuel source, in addition to the corn, wheat, barley, oats and hay that Clark’s Crystal Springs routinely grows. In addition to the ranch, Jay P. Clark also manages a trucking company comprised of six freight trucks; the trucks are dedicated to hauling hay and farm products as well as heavy equipment and oversized loads. In 1996, Jay P. Clark graduated from University of Idaho’s College of Law, with a Juris Doctorate, but has since devoted his time to operations at the ranch.

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