J. Kale Flagg – Four Needs

Over his twenty-plus years in the business world, J. Kale Flagg has seen a lot of ways to measure success and engagement. J. Kale Flagg has broken them down into four main categories:


Money, while important, isn’t everything. More important is a sense of achievement in life; J. Kale Flagg notes that most individuals put more weight on present or future achievements than those in the past. As J. Kale Flagg has seen firsthand, that can be a misguided or misplaced sentiment. In fact, J. Kale Flagg cites a need to reflect back on those past achievements in a positive light, for a sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction, then, is tied in to another of the four needs: happiness.


J. Kale Flagg has noted that in the business world and in personal life, happiness comes from knowing that a job was well done; a sense of contentedness and assurance that things are not only headed in the right direction in the present, they also square up nicely with the past. The past leads to the final two elements of J. Kale Flagg’s four needs: legacy and significance.


The two words sound pretty similar, but J. Kale Flagg parses their meanings this way. Significance is a more contemporaneous idea; it’s the difference that an individual makes on a daily basis, whether it’s through work or personal life. It’s the impact that a person’s attitude, deeds or ideas have on others, whether in a positive or negative light.


Legacy, on the other hand, is more of a long-term concept, according to J. Kale Flagg. It’s the lasting influence or impression that a person leaves behind, whether that’s with work, personal relationships or community. J. Kale Flagg likens it to a balancing act, with individuals keeping all these four needs in the proper perspective with each other at all times and concentrating on each one as needed.

A resident of Reno, Nevada, J. Kale Flagg is the General Partner of the American Redevelopment Fund, LP, a company devoted to working with investors on buying, remodeling and selling distressed properties. The Operators behind the company have helped investors and sold over 1700 homes in the last ten years.  J. Kale Flagg is a 1989 graduate of Yale University, with a resume that CEO or COO positions in health care, real estate, travel and financial management. When J. Kale Flagg isn’t at work, he enjoys time with family, travel and outdoor life.

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